Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is not a "poda poda".!

Here are some of our elders getting transport in the mission van.  What is a "poda poda"?  A poda poda is usually a van filled with about 20+ people squished together with no air conditioning, perhaps a chicken or two, bags, charcoal or anything else that can be squeezed in.  Sometimes passengers will ride on the sides or the back of the van too...sometimes goats or cows are tied down on top with baggage.


lovshinmom said...

I'm so grateful I don't have to use a poda poda. Perhaps though it just shows more humility in that area. They're so grateful to have transportation that they don't care about the cramped conditions.

StokesJJ said...

Congratulations Pres & Sis Roggia! Julie and I finally found out where their Mainz,GE apartment dwelling neighbors live. Guess you heard that Adam and Hayley are in my Ward in Stafford, VA. As their Bishop, I made sure they received callings right off (TQ Advisor & SS Teacher)..haha! P.S. I was talking about your family today riding to work (next to the Pentagon) when a fellow rider I just met had wonderful comments about you as his Chaplain. He was a black brother, Ron Bush. He said to tell you Hi. Home email: Luv, Jeff