Thursday, July 28, 2011

Liberia Pioneers Laying a Foundation of a Great Work!

On July 24, 2011, four new branches(congregations) were created in the Bushrod Island District and one new branch in the Monrovia District for a total of 18 branches in Monrovia. What a wonderful way to celebrate Pioneer Day! 

 Brewersville Branch was created from the Duala Branch.  Caldwell New Georgia and Upper Caldwell were created from the Caldwell Branch.   Doe Community Branch was created from the Logan Town Branch.  New Georgia Branch was created from the Gardnersville Branch. 

 Below are some members from the branches. (We are gathering more pictures of the other branches)  As photos were taken, the Saints spontaneously burst out in song singing hymns.  There were hugs, holding hands, joyful conversation and lots of smiles on this special day.

 Caldwell New Georgia Branch
Upper Caldwell Branch
Caldwell Branch
President Roggia with District President and new branch presidents.
Duala Branch
Brewersville Branch
Happy Pioneer Day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monrovia Liberia Zone Interviews

Elder Lambson and Elder Raymond just coming into the Paynesville Chapel for interviews with President Roggia
 Elder Lambson enjoying his family booklet....pointing to his mom and dad. (He looked and looked through all the pictures: Where's Sampson?) We opened the packages in Sierra Leone and filled our suitcases.  We had three boxes to bring-- the other two for Elder Taylor and Elder Ellsworth.  What we couldn't stuff into our suitcases we will bring in August when we drive and not fly.
Sister Kirkham and I practicing balancing skills.  The Sister missionaries just laughed at us.  We are quite the amateurs.  
 Sister Kirkham balancing items from one of the elders boxes...
Paynesville District in front of their new apartment.
While waiting for an interview, these elders were loving reading mail and the Liahona.
Elder Boateng and Elder Njaga waiting their turn.
Elder Mazani and Elder Svongwa having some snacks of banana and cookies before they meet with President Roggia
Elder Taylor and Elder Ameworlor
Elders Marveh, Essel and Tims
Elder Kirkham and Elder Tims enjoying some good conversation after Zone Leadership Training.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flying to Liberia

We are flying to Liberia for interviews with the missionaries and also for the creation of five new branches in the Bushrod Island District on Sunday.  We will take lots of back the middle of next week to post them.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Charlotte Falls

 This is a little chapel built in 1841 that the area folks still use today.
Interesting story...
Elder Afadi and Elder Hickey in front of the old church.
Elder Priddis and Elder Smoot with Sister Patterson at the old church.
This is Charlotte Falls which is a couple of kilometers behind the
Mission Home.  It is especially beautiful during the rainy season.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bo Zone Interviews Last Week

Bo Zone waiting for interviews and watching the new Joseph Smith movie that our son downloaded for us and put on a DVD.
 Elder Ditsi was so focused on this letter and smiling so big...
Then he saw the camera flash!
 Elder Vaughan and Elder Kenner loving the contents of their letters!
Elder Bennion(with the biggest smile) enjoying his companion, a branch missionary, who just received his call to the Enugu Nigeria Mission!

 More very serious mail moments... A pin could drop on a carpet and we'd hear it!
 Elder Barth and Elder Stott
Packages arrived!
 Trainer Elder Priddis who trained Elder Vaughan who is training Elder Esiaba!
 Missionaries wanting to have a good-bye picture with Elder Smoot before he leaves in 17 days.  What great elders!
Elder Bennion and Elder Merrill....(got a little red eye there, sorry about that) They both have very blue eyes.
 Elder Nyaku and Elder Hilton
Still reading mail and smiling...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Around Freetown and to Bo.

Yes, a horse!  The first one we've seen here.  The big pipe in the front of the horse is a main water line.
A centipede for the grandchildren to see!
Leaping lizards!
Freetown as we drive up to the Mission Home.  You can see the soccer stadium.  It is used for many things besides soccer.
 Love the early morning drives to Bo!  This is about 7:00 a.m.
This load is amazing!  It covered the whole vehicle! It was bigger than the van.


A mother hen and her chicks teaching them how to scratch and peck for bugs. They follow her example just like us as parents and leaders.  The video is bouncy because Sister Kimball is showing me how her son can mimic a chicken scratching and I was enjoying her demonstration.  lol

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Interviews this month.

Some of the Freetown Zone missionaries enjoying a little popcorn while they await their interview with President Roggia.
We watched the new Joseph Smith video.  None had seen it.
Lumley District getting into the van to head back to their areas after interviews.
 Elder Norton shaking hands with a man they are teaching. (Elder Hill next to him, Elder Smoot and Elder Jenkins outside of the van)
 Elder Goncolo (teasing me about taking pictures) and Elder Jenkins.  
I told Elder Priddis this was for his parents.  He has his Sierra Leone drivers license now and this was his second time to drive in heavy traffic.  Not an easy task-- He is doing great, Mom and Dad! 
 This is a beautiful time of year around the Mission Office.  The plants and trees are gorgeous!
 Freetown East Zone: Elders Massey, Adjei, Eyinda, Intsiful, and Emanuelson with Elder Smoot and Elder Priddis in back for Zone Leadership Training which includes district and zone leaders.  We were meeting at the new Kissy Chapel.  This room (or pod) is the Relief Society Room.  We had a nice breeze flowing through the windows.  It kept things cooler during the training.
We brought some refreshments for the missionaries coming in for interviews.
Elders Massey, Purcell, Appleby and Pabie enjoying the newest Liahona.
Elder Eyinda (left) and Elder Tawiah (center) were childhood friends.  They went their separate ways when they were older.  They were both happy to get to see each other again.  (Elder Adjei watching on)
Elder Egbo and Elder Intsiful
 Elders Massey and Moss (back) Rochester, Addo, and Emanuelson.
 Elders Tawiah, Wood, Pabie and Appleby
Elder Purcell and Elder Massey
 Elder Rochester and Elder Moss
 Elder Buckman and Elder Vogl
 President Roggia's last interview of the day, Freetown East Zone Leaders: Elder Adjei (in front of President) and Elder Eyinda, (left)  President was using the new Kissy Chapel's district office.
Elder Hickey and Elder Afadi, office elders who are working hard on finding apartments and doing gps coordinates for branch splits.  They are very busy.