Friday, September 30, 2011

A Stop in Kenema and Bo as we returned from Liberia

Elders Intsiful, Elder Tade, Elder Rochester and Elder Priddis waiting for President Roggia.  We were looking at a possible new chapel rental. Our Ford Everest was still dirty from the road to Liberia.
We had Specialized Training in Bo the next morning.
Going over Grafton Road to Mission Home...
Elder Kenner and Elder Kotey at our Freetown East Zone Specialized Training.
Elder Pabie and Elder Stewart (out two weeks)...Elder Pabie is Elder Stewart's trainer. Fun picture!
Elder Moss thrilled with his new shoes that Elder and Sister Neves' son brought when he came to visit.  Shoes really wear out on the rocky mountainside of Freetown. (notice big box of doxy in his hand...he is faithful in taking his doxy daily--we are grateful for the faith and obedience of our missionaries)  We average  between 0 and 1 case of malaria a month!  So blessed!
 Elder Wood and Elder Essego (new missionary out two weeks)  During the heavy rainy season, all the missionaries can wear rubber boots.  It saves shoes and slacks as well as makes for a healthier missionary. (Elder Pabie top left)
 Elder Osifo (out two weeks) with Elder Omale, our new assistant.
 Elder Ditsi at the end of our training.
 Elder Priddis and Elder Vaughan taking a few moments together to chat.
Elder Vaughan, happy to get a package from his Grandfather (I think that is who he said) and Elder Purcell.
Moving cattle along the Grafton Road...they are all held together with rope around their horns.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Training in Liberia and Bo

Sister Kirkham found these wonderful fruits and veggies at Harbels in Monrovia.  Harbels is a store that resembles a Walmart sorta... (the only one that does) The celery was about $9 and the first time we'd seen it so fresh!  The other veggies can be bought along street vendors and just about anywhere in Liberia and Sierra Leone.  Fruits and vegetables can be purchased at a reasonable cost in both countries---except for celery!
Following a couple of trucks on the jungle road from Kenema to Liberia...
We attended the first meeting of the Matadi Branch in a new renovated building.
Elder Okeke playing and Elder Esiaba looking on.  Both can play the keyboard beautifully; so, either one can conduct or play during Matadi Branch Sacrament Meeting.
Bushrod Island Zone training for leaders, trainers and new missionaries learning more about the Twelve Infield Lessons and how to be a Preach My Gospel Missionary.
Elder Taylor and Elder Raymond enjoying rice, casava leaf, crayfish, and chicken on rice....very spicy sauce!
Eating lunch after the meeting....then on to the next zone.
Elder Tims taking a picture of Elder Intsiful...
This is a filling station...see the large bottles on the right.  There are nice gas stations but this is a little one on the side of the road.
Monrovia Zone leadership training and enjoying some dinner. More to come.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Transfer pictures

 New Sisters and Assistants
New Elders
 Elder Wood training Elder Essego
Elder Moss training Elder Osifo
Sister Ashma-Davies
Sister Lamwaka
Elder Stewart
Elder Wuthrich
Sister Togba
Sister Arthur
 Sister Akpanumoh
Elder Adah
 Elder Donaldson
Elder Appiah-Baffoe
Elder Osifo
 Sister Usen
Elder Essego
Elder Taylor in Liberia
Elder Nickle in Liberia
Elder Liufau in Liberia
 Elder Martin in Liberia
Sister Edem in Liberia
Sister Notayo in Liberia
 No transfer here!  We love to be with each other.
President Roggia set apart these three missionaries as they left for the Ghana Missionary Training Center. Two were going to Nigeria and one to Ghana to serve full time missions.  They were taken to the ferry and airport by Elder and Sister Neves who made sure they walked into the airport.  First time on an airplane...  They love the Lord and are willing to go wherever He wants them to serve.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ode to Elder Intsiful

Liberia's coastline with Elder Tims and Elder Guzha.
Elder Tims and Elder Guzha, Bushrod Island Zone Leaders
It was sinking in that this would be his "last" trip to Liberia.
He has had a wonderful full-time mission!
You can do it, Elder Priddis!
Elder Tims leaping!
Elder Guzha and Elder Tims working together for the good!
Elder Priddis and Elder Intsiful
 Nothing Elder Priddis can do, Elder Intsiful is leaving Sunday.
Bye, Elder Intsiful, we love you and miss you already!  Enjoy university, study hard and keep serving the Lord as you have always done!