Thursday, May 19, 2011

Freetown Zone Conference

 Freetown Zone conference
 Eating lunch
 Caribbean Fusion catered a large portion of curried chicken and rice for us for less than $4.00 a plate or 15,000 Leones each.
Everyone helping to put the tables and chairs back in place....we are on our way to Monrovia right now.  We will post those snaps when we can get close to an internet.

Bo Zone Conference

 Elder Boakye and Elder Tade.  Elder Boakye just arrived last week and Elder Tade is his trainer.
Getting sitted before Zone Conference begins. 
Elder Svongwa and Elder Kenner
 Elder Merrill, Elder Stott, Elder Vaughan, and Elder Bennion
 Elders Ditsi, Br. Sandy (branch missionary), Elder Wood and Elder Bennion
 Br. Sandy (branch missionary) and Elder Wood. To Mama Wood: "I have gained weight.  I am eating more bread. I have had to let my belt out. I am doing "perfect push-ups" three sets of 20, 12 and 8 plus abs.
 :-)   (Elder Stott in the background)
All of Bo Zone after Zone Conference.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

This and thats....

Elder Jenkins had a bad tooth pulled.   Sister Patterson got some ice to put on his left cheek.  We checked out all the meds and called the area doctor to make sure they were all okay to use.  We took him and his companion to the apartment for the rest of the day.  (It has healed up very well, Sister Jenkins.)
Elder Eyinda, Elder Visser and his new companion, Elder Akwah.  I loved their smiles!

Elder Appleby's closet in their Grafton Apartment. (He didn't know I was going to take this and said he would have cleaned it better.  I told him it was just fine.)
Elder Kargbo's bed on the left and Elder Appleby's on the right.
This is the outside of their new apartment.  Four elders moved into it a couple of weeks ago.  It has a large area for a meeting place.  We started a new Home Unit there last Sunday.  Seventy-seven attended.  We ran out of chairs.  The elders call it "the palace".  It's brand new and the landlord was happy to rent it.
After the meeting, we were standing outside. It was very hot out and we were all wiping off the sweat! It had really rained the night before.
Elder Tims talking away! He was transferred to Liberia so got to enjoy the new apartment for only two weeks.

At the wharf and more.

Elder Lancaster and Elder Tippets on their way home returning with honor! 
Elder Smoot and  Elder Tippets, going to Colorado, saying good-byes.
Elder Lancaster heading to Utah and Elder Grabau
We had more leave two days later.  Elder Ogoloma to Nigeria, President Roggia, Elder Ndlovu to Zimbabwe and Elder Beckwith to Australia.  We love you all and will miss you.
At the wharf, we saw a kitty.  It is not a common sight to see cats here.
Yesterday, we sent Sister Kargbo and Elder Sesay to the Ghana MTC.  They are both going to the Ghana Cape Coast Mission after three weeks in the Missionary Training Center in Ghana. Both had never used the water taxi or flown.  It takes a lot of faith to do both things as well as going to a new country to serve the Lord.
Elder Patterson discussing things with Elder Rochester as all the new elders head to their areas and trainers.
Elders packing up the van for the transport to Freetown East Zone
loaded and ready to get in

Elders Emanuelson, Rochester and Purcell with Elder Allred ready to direct the backing of the van.
Elder Smoot and Elder Grabau happy and relieved after all the orientation, training of the trainers, organizing the transportation, who goes in what vehicle, when and with whom....all is completed.  They don't get much rest when they have six to eight elders in the same apartment.  They make them breakfast for a couple of days, too.  We are grateful for our assistants who take a big load of lifting off of President Roggia.

Elders coming and going...

Elder Lancaster, President Roggia, Sister Roggia and Elder Tippets on the wharf waiting for the Echo Taxi to take them across the water to the Lungi Airport.  Elder Lancaster goes to Utah and Elder Tippets to Colorado.  We will miss you both!  Go forward with Faith!
All eight new missionaries from the Ghana MTC came in last night on the Echo Taxi and this morning we have orientation for them, pictures for residence permits, bank business and a little lunch before some of them go to their new areas.  We will send some to Bo and Liberia as well as Freetown.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eight New Missionaries

Just a short note so that you parents know....All eight new missionaries from the Ghana MTC have arrived.  We had dinner with them this evening and President Roggia interviewed each one.  Tomorrow, I will be able to post their pictures so you can see them.  They are all fine and on their way from the Mission Home to the Mission Office compound to sleep for the night.  All is well with them.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

We miss you, Elder and Sister Kimball

Elder and Sister Kimball, our Senior Couple in Liberia, received an unexpected call that their dear daughter died suddenly leaving her husband and children.  They are now back home in the States.  We know that Heavenly Father is watching over them all.  Thank you wonderful Kimballs!  You are the best!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Kakata baptisms at the river....

 Elder and Sister Kimball taught these wonderful people and last Saturday they were baptized.
 A little instruction from Elder Kimball...

Next to the baptism, these folks were working hard on laundry.

Monrovia continued...

Elder Milton, Elder Priddis, Elder Lambson and Elder Marveh. We met up with them early one morning before they left their apartment: hence, the flipflops.

Our Monrovia Zone Leaders: Elder Amoa-Ohenakwah and Elder Intsiful.  Sister Kimball and I were going from district to district that morning.  We were catching everyone in bare feet.

Monrovia Zone map
Elder Priddis moving furniture out of the old apartment.
Elder Lambson doing his part...
At the Caldwell Apartment...

Congo Town and Matadi new apartment that Elders Priddis, Lambson, Marveh and Milton will live.  We all use our nets, take our doxy every day and use fans (when there is electricity) to keep malaria at a standstill.

Elder Lambson's desk in the new apartment.  All four desks are lined up against the wall for study time.
Finishing packing....Elder Kimball and Elder Lambson
Elder Pabie and Elder Ellsworth in the Logan Town Apartment
Elders Ogama, Njaga, Chikwendu, Essel, Okeke and Stott in the Paynesville Apartment prior to companionship study.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Monrovia Zone the end of April

We opened Elder Lambson's package so we would bring birthday gifts on our flight to Liberia.
We took this picture of Elder Stott to show his folks his bed and net...oh, and his promise to always use sun screen continues. He uses it every day.

Elder Stott enjoying his box of goodies. We opened his package to stuff as much as we could into our luggage cause we flew this time to Liberia,
Elder Taylor showing us what a great haircut he gave Elder Merrill.
Elder Merrill pointing out the "bald" spots that he left on Elder Taylor while clipping his hair.
Elder Chaparadza reading a letter from a sister missionary serving in Uganda.
Elder Chaparadza, Sister Smith and Elder Merrill
Elder Ellsworth's favorite candy bar.....a must have daily! It is a lot like a Twix bar.
We flew to Monrovia so didn't have much room in our luggage for mail and boxes. We opened Elder Moss's package and took as much as we could to him. Birthday gifts...he loved the teflon tie...
President Roggia with Elder Kotey and Elder Merrill
We attended the Caldwell District meeting. Elder Pabie (with his arm around Elder Ellsworth) came to us from one of the Nigerian Missions. We are so happy to have him! He has a wonderful testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Reaching in for a group handshake...