Friday, April 22, 2011

Recent events...

This red beetle/ant had something he was dragging. He was bright red!
Mural on the street in downtown Freetown.
Just love this store front sign...
Elder Allred and Elder Hickey welcome Elder Omale (center). He is finishing his mission with us. We are so glad to have him here in the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission!
Elder Korfeh, President Roggia and I....on the day of Elder Korfeh's release.
Elder Korfeh (at the left) finished his mission a few days early so he could get ready for university tests. We had a nice lunch for him at the mission office the day he was released. He lives in Kenema, Sierra Leone.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pondering the vastness of the Eternities...

This was taken of President Roggia back in October....but it has lots of symbolism.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birthday sister...

Sister Patterson's '39th' and holding birthday.  Elder and Sister Borden, the Family History Missionaries from Accra, Ghana, were visiting Sierra Leone and enjoyed some cake with us, Elder and Sister Neves and Elder and Sister Patterson.

More Kenema...

 We started a home group in North Kenema.  Elder Hilton organized and conducted the Sacrament Service. We expected around 40 people; but 122 arrived.  80 were not members of the Church.  It was just a wonderful time.   It will become a branch soon.
Elder Hilton and Elder Iheanacho made sure every detail was taken care of including Primary for the children. Sister Foday took care of Primary for the North Kenema Group.  She had them all singing "I Am A Child of God" and teaching the gospel.  We ran out of chairs for everyone.  What a great problem! Some of the children used the trees to sit.
President Roggia discussing the branches' growth with the Bo District President while in Kenema. 
Elder Iheanacho, Elder Hilton, Elder Laneri, and Elder Obinna in their Kenema apartment.  Elder Mazani and Elder Tade live there also.
Nope, not a snow storm! Bugs a plenty!  The two red dots in the midde of the picture are a car's tail lights.  We were coming from Kenema where there was a huge down pour of rain.  We thought "so glad to get the truck washed off".  Then we ran into the bugs half way to Freetown.  We couldn't turn the wipers on because it would just smear.  We waited a little until we could find a lit area to stop and clean it off.  It was like a blizzard of snow but with bugs!

A fun moment...

As the missionaries were visiting a member's home, the little girl who lives there was laughing, smiling, showing off and full of spunk telling the elders all about it!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bo Zone and Kenema District Interviews

Elder Bennion, Elder Moyo, Elder Svongwa, Elder Opuene and Elder Vaughan waiting their turn with President Roggia.
Some have gone in, now Elder Wood and Elder Lancaster join the waiting group of missionaries.
Elder Ndlovu (goes home in three weeks) and Elder Ditsi taking a few minutes to talk while waiting.
Elder Wood and Elder Opuene
Elders enjoying Elder Kenner (digging into his box from home).  Elder Kenner kept saying "Wow! Thanks Mom. I  love you Mom.!" over and over.  We were all smiling at his great joy.  His birthday is soon so he was enjoying the box.
Elder Kenner finishing his box by reading one of the letters enclosed.
Elder Svongwa teaching us to say his name.  The 'v' is silent.  It is pronouced "Song..qua".  He likes to teach it by whistling the 'v'.  We were all trying it (unsuccessfully).

We loved watching these two little girls having fun together at the chapel during interviews. They were so cute.
Yes, still waiting...
We had a special dinner with the Bo District Presidency after interviews.  We had Sir Milton Hotel cater jallop rice and chicken.  We listened to them tell us their wonderful stories of discovering the gospel of Jesus Christ years ago.  They are all special people and we were thrilled to be with them.
 Next morning we were up before 6 a.m. and on the road to the Kenema Branch.  This is Elder Hilton and his brand new mission companion Elder Iheanacho from Nigeria.
This tree looks like the Tree of Life to me....lots and lots of delicious fruit: Mangos
Ripening mango...
I don't know what this flower is but it was gorgeous!
More for Kenema tomorrow...unable to keep uploading.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Freetown and Freetown East Zones Interview with President Roggia

Elder Vogl enjoying some popcorn.  The elders love to see each other as they gather for interviews.
Elders Visser, Norton, Hickey, Jenkins and Vogl in the Mission Office waiting for their time with President Roggia.
Elder Guzha, Elder Iyiewuare and Elder Tippets reaching for the popcorn.
Elders Dogbaste, Guzha, Iyiewuare and Jenkins
Elder Allred waiting to direct the van as it backs out.  After interviews, he and Elder Hickey took the missionaries back to their apartments.
Elder Beckwith and Elder Massey came in from the Freetown East Zone for interviews.
Elder Smoot and Elder Jenkins
Missionaries watching "On the Lord's Errand".  A biography of President Thomas S. Monson.

 Elder Egbo, Elder Appleby, Elder Tims and Elder Buckman looking at the map of new areas.
Elder Lowe, Elder Emanuelson, and Elder Beckwith still waiting for the interview with President Roggia.
 President Roggia talking to the elders as they leave.
One more snap as they go...
Bye dear missionaries...back to Freetown East Zone.  It takes about an hour or more to get them home.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

having some internet problems

having internet problems...can't upload...soon

Friday, April 8, 2011

Scripture for the day...

Elder Smoot took this picture of a wall as they were driving....that is Elder Grabau's profile.  I thought it looked like he was saying it.....

Elder Grabau's 21st Birthday

Elder Grabau blowing out the candles on the cake that Elder Hickey and Elder Allred made for him.
Elders Smoot, Grabau, Hickey, Allred and Elder Patterson after singing Happy Birthday. 
I'm working on another post.  We are going to Bo for Interviews at "O dark thirty" tomorrow. Will be back on Monday. 
A wonderful day for all...

Friday, April 1, 2011

A few more...

 Elder Ewudzie waiting patiently for the water taxi holding his passport and ticket.
Last few words from President Roggia...
 Elder Ewudzie with Assistants.
Office Elders in a threesome for a few days before transfers: Elders Hickey, Vogl and Allred. Elder Allred is now Elder Hickey's companion and Elder Vogl is back in Goderich Branch with Elder Jenkins.  The Office Elders have been very busy getting new beds, mattresses and all that is needed for new apartments.  With the complement of missionaries increasing, we are getting things ready for each one.  Next week is interviews with President Roggia for Freetown Zone, Freetown East Zone and Bo Zone.  More pictures then...