Friday, April 15, 2011

Bo Zone and Kenema District Interviews

Elder Bennion, Elder Moyo, Elder Svongwa, Elder Opuene and Elder Vaughan waiting their turn with President Roggia.
Some have gone in, now Elder Wood and Elder Lancaster join the waiting group of missionaries.
Elder Ndlovu (goes home in three weeks) and Elder Ditsi taking a few minutes to talk while waiting.
Elder Wood and Elder Opuene
Elders enjoying Elder Kenner (digging into his box from home).  Elder Kenner kept saying "Wow! Thanks Mom. I  love you Mom.!" over and over.  We were all smiling at his great joy.  His birthday is soon so he was enjoying the box.
Elder Kenner finishing his box by reading one of the letters enclosed.
Elder Svongwa teaching us to say his name.  The 'v' is silent.  It is pronouced "Song..qua".  He likes to teach it by whistling the 'v'.  We were all trying it (unsuccessfully).

We loved watching these two little girls having fun together at the chapel during interviews. They were so cute.
Yes, still waiting...
We had a special dinner with the Bo District Presidency after interviews.  We had Sir Milton Hotel cater jallop rice and chicken.  We listened to them tell us their wonderful stories of discovering the gospel of Jesus Christ years ago.  They are all special people and we were thrilled to be with them.
 Next morning we were up before 6 a.m. and on the road to the Kenema Branch.  This is Elder Hilton and his brand new mission companion Elder Iheanacho from Nigeria.
This tree looks like the Tree of Life to me....lots and lots of delicious fruit: Mangos
Ripening mango...
I don't know what this flower is but it was gorgeous!
More for Kenema tomorrow...unable to keep uploading.



Melanie said...

wow that mango tree is amazing! love all these pics. cute little girls!

PB'nJ said...

As long as the tree looks like the Tree of Life and not the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil then you are OK - eat all you want!