Saturday, October 20, 2012

President's Interviews at the Grafton Apartment.

Elder Serafine reading some mail we brought with us.
Elder Otaniyuwa and Elder Aniabre looking at the transfer list.
Elder Sunderland
Elder Otaniyuwa has such a great smile.
Elder Aniabre
Elders Egbo, Nwosu and Nwaokonko
Elder Nwosu and Elder Woodhead's wardrobe closet.
Elder Nwosu showing his clean, neat and well-made bed.  Very nice indeed!
Elder Sunderland and Elder Nwaokonko
Elder Walker, items in picture: an almost empty pan of rice crispy treats that I brought, permethrin to spray on mosquito nets and screens, mission keyboard, iron and ironing board (only works when the generator works) 
Elder Statue
Elder Hovley and Elder Sunderland.
Elders Wuthrich, McDonald and Bogh
Elder Woodhead and Elder Nwosu leaving the apartment after interviews with President Roggia.
Off they go...
Elder Bogh
Sock "collection" drying
Elder Serafine
Elder Egbo and Elder Walker
Elder Wuthrich looking at transfer is almost as popular as mail from home!
Elder Otubu and Elder Wolfgramm

Elder Otanyiuwa and Elder Wuthrich going back to Wellington after interviews and Zone Leader Council.  They are the Freetown East Zone leaders.  We are traveling to Liberia this next week.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In and around the mission...

Elder Ekpo and Elder Esiaba, Freetown Zone Leaders, in their rain gear while the rain was pouring down.  Rainy season is almost over, and then, dry season will be upon us until May.
Elder Appleby holding the umbrella for Elder Barth during the downpour while  filling up water jugs through the water filter system.
Flowers pop out from the rain...
 Sheep on the road while departing the Police Stop coming back from Bo.
A mother and her children preparing to cross the highway.
Elder Appleby and Elder Barth walking down a little road where we are looking for a new missionary apartment.
While looking at the new Waterloo apartment, a group of school children gathered.  The Assistants played "don't smile" and the children were trying so hard not to laugh.   It was a lot of fun.
Still discussing an apartment in Waterloo.
Looking down a well.. That little white square in the middle is me with the camera.  This was one of the wells at an apartment that we were considering.
Elder Despain after receiving his package and trying to stuff it all in his backpack and a sack to take it to his apartment.
Elder Despain and Elder Donkor 
 Elder Hales and Elder Richards
Elder Richardson, Elder Animba, Elder Donaldson and Elder Wootton
Elder Aluka and Elder Stanford.  Tomorrow, we will be in the Freetown East Zone and President Roggia will finish interviews.  (will post from that trip hopefully tomorrow evening)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Beautiful Bo Takes Bus to the Ghana Accra Temple

The morning of the temple trip to the Ghana Accra Temple.  Lots and lots of sachets of water plus large yellow containers of water to be carried in the bus.
Grandmother holding her newborn grandchild.  The baby and her parents will be an eternal family after going to the temple.
Fish for the trip
Excited boys carrying water to the bus!
 Loading the bus (rented from Liberia) with luggage, water and more...and time for hugs and greetings!
This family, mother, father and children, will be sealed together. The little boy on the right turned eight years old the day the bus left.  He has permission and the privilege of being baptized in the temple baptismal font, confirmed and then sealed forever to his parents along with his siblings.
So ready and eager to board the bus...
Another family preparing for the trip.
These newlyweds were married two days ago. (civil marriage needs to be done before temple here)  They made every effort possible to  get on the bus to the temple.  He is a returned missionary and they both wanted to be married in the temple for Time and All Eternity.  Such a wonderful trip for them!
Prior to getting on the bus... this is Bo District's first temple trip in about three years.  It is a special day!
Father and family with the newborn baby.
There they go---54 Latter-day Saints! It will take them 6-7 days to arrive in Accra.  After spending three days going to the temple, they will return home. It will take another 6-7 days just to get back.  They traveled north to Guinea (two days),  across Mali, into Burkina Faso and across the border to Ghana.  The Ivory Coast border was closed.  Such a very long trip but worth every effort.  They sleep in the bus, under the bus and around the bus. They eat very little-- taking large bags of rice, fish and more. They must have yellow fever cards, passports, police clearance and a travel manifest, plus, of course, their precious temple recommend.  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Interviews in Bo

Elder Appleby and Elder Barth walking into the Njaiboima Chapel lot in Bo.
Elder Coffie and Elder Rochester
Elder Jones and Elder Opuene
Elder Symons and Elder Narteh
All eight, yes, 8, piled out of the taxi.  They rode an hour from Kenema to Bo for interviews with President Roggia.  
With their companions...
Four Zone Leaders helping to carry water for the temple trip.
Elder Stewart, (Bo East Zone Leader with Elder Dyngee) and Elder Ngerem,( Bo West Zone Leader with Elder Tawiah)
Elder Flament and Elder Nickle
Elder Assumang and Elder Turner
Elder Clawson and his "Brooking Board".  I told him I had one from family that was made in 1910.  He said that wooden ones wear down but the hard plastic ones last and wash better... Homesteaders would be interested to learn that... :-)
Letters and mail from home....still, and always will be, the best thing ever!!
Elder Stewart and Elder Dyngee, Bo East Zone Leaders
Our wonderful Sister Missionaries, from Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Liberia.
Elder Hill and Elder Jest waiting to talk with President Roggia
It was great to listen to them and talk with them.  One can learn a lot listening. :-)
Sister Schlehuber's birthday party. The Assistants blew up two balloons. We sang Happy Birthday and she opened a gift.  Birthdays are very sweet while on mission.