Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First Day in the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission

Elder Okeke going home this transfer.
We took him to the wharf to get on the ferry to the airport after this picture.
Taco soup with tortilla chips from Liberia was the fare for the new missionaries this afternoon.  Tomorrow everyone will be in their new areas and with their trainers....finally, with months of waiting after receiving their call letter, they are here to do the Lord's work.
All of our new missionaries! They are doing just fine!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yes, They Have Arrived!

Tonight we received these wonderful missionaries from the Ghana MTC.  We took them on the ferry to Freetown from the airport.  The Assistants on the far right will give them all a sandwich, have evening prayer and put them all to bed in their apartment.  Tomorrow, orientation, dinner and some will be in their new areas by nightfall. 
First ones out of the airport
Heading to the van to load up the bags.
On the ferry and on the move...  More pictures tomorrow. It is time for bed.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Moving, New Bunk Beds, Mattresses and Pillows

Markus and Elder Wuthrich...moving out of the old Wellington Apartment.
Markus and Elder Walker
Elder Egbo

Elder Wuthrich, Elder Otaniyuwa, Elder Walker and Elder Egbo after a hard day of moving into the new place.
Markus and the Lauritzens helped them move into the "Allentown Apartment"
Good picture of Sister and Elder Lauritzen at the Allentown Apartment.
Kissy Road heading to the apartment.
 View from their apartment.
We have 12 missionaries coming on Tuesday. We had six bunk beds made and delivered.  The Assistants temporarily set them up in their apartment so that we can have a place for the new ones to sleep for a couple of nights.  We are receiving 31 more missionaries by Dec and will need more apartments plus beds. 
Elder Sumrak helping out.
So is Elder Ngerem...
Elder Barth
Elder Appleby
Now the fun begins...
Now the bunkbeds.. (all the above pictures are from the Lauritzens. Thank you, thank you.)
Finished product! Every corner of their apartment has a bunk bed! The new missionaries will have a new mattress, pillow and bunk bed the first couple of nights after arrival in Freetown on September 25th. We will pick up the missionaries from the airport, take them on the ferry for an hour across the water after which we will settle them into the Assistants' apartment.  The next day, Wednesday, the Assistants will do breakfast and an orientation. We will have a meal with President and me plus testimony meeting. On Thursday, September 27th, some will go to the Bo Zones (four hours away), some will go to Freetown East Zone and some will go to Freetown Zone.  I will do my best to post a picture of the new arrivals from the Ghana MTC late Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mission Tour...Freetown....September 2012

Freetown East and Freetown Zone Conference
 Everyone greeting our guests...
Beginning the Freetown Bi-Zone Conference
Lunch break
Elder Sumrak and Elder Ngerem (Elder Aluka in background)
After lunch...
Elder Donaldson with Elder Edwards
Elder Edwards with his companion Elder Donkor
Elder Jones and Elder Nwosu
Sisters Edem and Arthur
Elder Wolfgramm and Elder Clawson
Sister Jibba and Sister Togba
Elder Ekpo, one of the Freetown Zone Leaders
Elder Purcell
Freetown East Zone Leaders, Elder Otaniyuwa and Elder Wuthrich with others in background...
Catching up time
End of conference and more and more pictures...It was a wonderful Mission Tour with Elder and Sister Sitati.  What a blessing to be with them and receive instruction from them.  All of us in every zone were edified!