Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ball, Baptisms,Byes and Beauty

In Monrovia, Liberia, Bushrod Island District had an activity day.  The elders played volley ball and soccer.  Each of the nine branches also had teams.  The Bushrod Island District rented uniforms for the elders.  
The cheering section with Sister Kirkham sitting at the guard shack.
The elders were the champions in volley ball!
 Hill Station Branch, Mt Aureol Branch and Belliar Park Branch members with those who chose to follow the Savior and were baptized as He was.
Family joy...
Hill Station Branch with families.
Elder Ngerem and Elder Sumrak waiting to be witnesses of the baptisms. 
President Roggia was asking the young man about preparing to serve a mission.
This new elder from Sierra Leone is going to Nigeria Enugu Mission leaving his family.  He recently became an uncle (to his right).
More good-byes to family. Another from Sierra Leone leaving to serve in the Nigeria Enugu Mission.
It doesn't matter where you live. Leaving home to serve a mission for two years and saying good-bye can be tough on everyone!  And, both had never been on a water taxi or an airplane.  It takes a lot of faith to do this... It can be scary.
Beautiful orange and pink bowties...
found in the center of the flowers at the Sinkor Chapel grounds in Liberia...
Our view of Freetown from the water taxi last Thursday as we returned from Ghana and Liberia.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Liberia Views!

Elder Smith and Elder Dlamini
Bushrod Island Zone working to clear out the flooding near the Brewersville Chapel...
Lots of rain, lots of water, lots of helpers
End of the work...
Clean up!  Clean up!
Boots filled to the brim!  Completed Service Project in Bushrod Island Zone!  They did a great job and you can see that the rain is still pouring heavy.  (pictures by Elder Kirkham)
Sister Kirkham using a Chinese-made "Butterfly" treadle sewing machine to make some covers for speakers with the sound system.
In Monrovia, both couples live in the same apartment complex. Sister Krumm came downstairs to visit Sister Kirkham.  When Sister Kirkham opened the door, she was surprised to see that Sister Krumm had on the same outfit!  They laughed and we had to get a picture!
Elder Oni and Elder Boakye.  President Roggia had interviews with all 100+ missionaries the month of July. All mission presidents in 340 missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout the world have the same schedule.
Elders Hill, Anderson, Brownson and Inyang
Elder Iyiewuare and Elder Hill, Monrovia Zone Leaders
Elder Brownson and Elder Taylor
 Elder Anderson and Elder Inyang
Elder Harris and Elder Nickle
 Baptismal Font at the Matadi Chapel!
Locals playing 'football' on the beach in Liberia at sunset.
Sister Randall's birthday last week.  Sister Lauritzen made a cake and we found some good ice cream!
Assistants, Elder Barth and Elder Appleby... Tis the rainy season!
Two new missionaries from Sierra Leone on their way to the Ghana MTC then will serve in the Nigeria Enugu Mission for two years.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Grafton, Bo and Kenema

Had to smile at this taxi on our way... It was pouring rain. 
President Roggia and Br. Doe looking at the new font at Grafton Chapel and yes, lots of water now!
Pretty flowers around the chapel
Lovely... All things testify of the Christ.
Simple and colorful...
This time of year brings out the flowers.
The missionaries who live in the compound get to see all this beautiful flora every day.
Reds, yellow, orange, white...this is a blossom that is way above my head.
Checked out the "charcoal grill" at the Grafton missionary apartment.  All apartments in the Mission have little propane stoves with four burners and an oven.  Yep, it is true.  Sometimes when propane runs out or the stove isn't functioning properly, they will use charcoal.  :-) 
 Elder Narteh and Elder Jones...personal study time prior to President Roggia's interview. Note the nets...
Elder McDonald and Elder Asiedu studying.
Elder Wuthrich waiting while his companion was interviewed.  Missionaries are interviewed by their Mission Presidents every third month...and/or whenever it may be needed or requested.
Elder Wuthrich drew this and it is hanging on the wall in their room...Moroni in the Book of Mormon, the writing is in Arabic.  Took lots of notebook paper and taping...
Elder Nwaokonko now waiting for Elder Wuthrich...
Elders at the Grafton Apartment...all interviews complete!
President Roggia and Markus loading a freezer/fridge to take to the Kenema missionary apartment.
Our Bo East zone leaders, Elder Iheanacho and Elder Dyngee with Elder Schlehuber, Elder Turner and Elder Donkor at Sewa Road Apartment in Bo.
Elder Wooton and Elder Serafine in Bo.
Elder Wootten and Elder Despain
Waiting for their interviews...
Elder Tawiah and Elder Svongwa, Bo West Zone Leaders, coming into the Schlehubers compound for President's interviews.

Elder Svongwa getting zone mail out to distribute.
Elder Hill enjoying the Liahona...
Leaving to go find the true in heart.
Some of the sisters waiting for transport

Sister Missionaries leaving after interviews with President Roggia
Elder Egbo and Elder Animba saying good-bye to Sister Schlehuber
Elder Okeke and Elder Anibre leaving
Elder Burton and Elder Weller in their room at Kenema and very happy to get mail.
Elder Stewart and Elder Richards checking mail. And enjoying theirs...
President talking with Elder Weller for a few minutes outside IDA Chapel.
We brought extra peanut butter/jelly sandwiches (on bread that Sister Schlehuber made--yum!)

A picture for my mother to see her missionary, too. 
Elder Richards and Elder Stewart thinking of "only" questions to ask President Roggia... no statements.  They were role playing.
Elder Weller and Elder Burton
A young woman taking care of her little 6 month old brother.  He was laughing so hard.  So sweet
Find the bird?
Coconut tree...almost ready.
This butterfly was so amazingly beautiful!
A yellow "Eggplant" in the Schlehuber's has a local name but I can't pronounce it.
The rain is heavy today.  The Pennisula road was muddy but the streams and water falls were lovely.  Sierra Leone is beautiful!
We were up and on the road by 6:30 a.m. to return to Freetown.  This is the Grafton Road getting close to home.  We fly to Liberia this week.  President Roggia will be doing interviews with each missionary. Look for a post around the 27th of the Monrovia Zones.