Friday, July 27, 2012

Liberia Views!

Elder Smith and Elder Dlamini
Bushrod Island Zone working to clear out the flooding near the Brewersville Chapel...
Lots of rain, lots of water, lots of helpers
End of the work...
Clean up!  Clean up!
Boots filled to the brim!  Completed Service Project in Bushrod Island Zone!  They did a great job and you can see that the rain is still pouring heavy.  (pictures by Elder Kirkham)
Sister Kirkham using a Chinese-made "Butterfly" treadle sewing machine to make some covers for speakers with the sound system.
In Monrovia, both couples live in the same apartment complex. Sister Krumm came downstairs to visit Sister Kirkham.  When Sister Kirkham opened the door, she was surprised to see that Sister Krumm had on the same outfit!  They laughed and we had to get a picture!
Elder Oni and Elder Boakye.  President Roggia had interviews with all 100+ missionaries the month of July. All mission presidents in 340 missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout the world have the same schedule.
Elders Hill, Anderson, Brownson and Inyang
Elder Iyiewuare and Elder Hill, Monrovia Zone Leaders
Elder Brownson and Elder Taylor
 Elder Anderson and Elder Inyang
Elder Harris and Elder Nickle
 Baptismal Font at the Matadi Chapel!
Locals playing 'football' on the beach in Liberia at sunset.
Sister Randall's birthday last week.  Sister Lauritzen made a cake and we found some good ice cream!
Assistants, Elder Barth and Elder Appleby... Tis the rainy season!
Two new missionaries from Sierra Leone on their way to the Ghana MTC then will serve in the Nigeria Enugu Mission for two years.


Michelle Kelly said...

My mom felt so special with her birthday surprise party! Thanks!

Misti said...

Thank you Thannk you! These pictures of my son Elder Smith are "Tender Mercies" to a mom!! I could just kiss the computer screen! Thanks for taking such good care of him and for posting all the pics that you do! I know it takes time and I so appreciate it!! Big Hugs!