Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lunch and New Missionaries

Welcome Lunch at the Mission Home.  We are welcoming Elder and Sister Lauritzen too.
Elder Nwosu from Nigeria   
     Elder Narteh from Ghana       
                 Elder Sumrak from Virginia
          Elder Hales from Utah
Elder Weller from Utah
Elder Hill from New Mexico
Elder Edwards from Utah
Elder McDonald from Utah
Elder Serafine from Utah
Sister Attigobe from Ghana
The Assistants welcoming Elder Edwards...the first to come out the door at the Lungi Airport.
Last night on the's about an hour ride from the Lungi side to Government Wharf in Freetown.
More on the Returning Missionaries:   Elder Stott's watch.  His watch worked for the whole two years and stopped yesterday morning at 4:15.  He didn't change the battery all that time.  Wow!
Elder Allred....
Elder Barth and Elder Stott....Elder Stott trained Elder Barth a year ago... father and son as the missionaries say...
See you later Elder Norton...
Markus, our stalwart...
Enjoying the last moments..
Elder Emanuelson, et al.
President Roggia and Elder Mazani


karmusbackwards said...

Thank you soooo much!! It is great to see our son, Elder Sumrak. We are excited for his mission and send our best wishes to you for doing this awesome blog. Lisa Sumrak

Nanna said...

As a mother of a son out just over a year, I can tell you that you will come to live for the new postings on the blog. No words can express our gratitude to Sister Roggia!