Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Open House Visitors

We had a great visit with everyone who came to the Open House.  We enjoyed meeting with the parents of missionaries still serving...The Edwards, the Clawsons, the Wellers, the Losees, the Jones.  (I think that was everyone) Cynthia, a long time friend from 1980 (we hadn't seen each other since the 80's), also came with her husband.  This picture is only a partial scene of all those who came.   We loved hearing how everyone is doing.  It was fun to meet the new spouses and soon-to-be spouses, too. The Randalls, the Neves and the Kimballs...former Senior Couples in the mission... were there also. We had 56 come. We love you all!  Thank you for everything!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Oh-h, So Wonderful to See Everyone!

At the Sea Coach seeing us off....Elder and Sister Burns, Elder and Sister Kanzler and Markus.
Getting off the Sea Coach and going to Lungi Airport June 30th.  Last look....
Coming down the stairs in the Salt Lake International Airport on July 1st, 2013
Our family waiting for us with Return with Honor shirts! 
On the front of the shirt is "Return with Honor".  On the back it has our family motto "Pure and Strong", the map of Africa, and Sierra Leone Freetown Mission 2010-2013.  Love it!
We were welcomed by Elder Hilton, Elder Grabau and his wife, Elder and Sister Patterson, Elder Barth, Sister Randall and Elder Jones' parents and brother!   What a nice surprise to see them all!
Thank you Pattersons for the fruit basket filled with berries of all kinds and fruits of all of all red Twizzlers!  Delightful!

A great big thank you to all of you who have followed the blog and have encouraged us to keep taking pictures of your missionaries, and kept the missionaries in your prayers.  We will miss them and miss the people of Sierra Leone and Liberia.  We are grateful for all the beauty and miracles we witnessed during the last three years.  We are thrilled to be home with family and friends.  We love this wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ and leave our testimony of it's truthfulness and the joy that comes from following the Savior. This will be the final posting on the blog from June 2010-July 2013.  We will post pictures of  any reunions that we may attend.