Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Open House Visitors

We had a great visit with everyone who came to the Open House.  We enjoyed meeting with the parents of missionaries still serving...The Edwards, the Clawsons, the Wellers, the Losees, the Jones.  (I think that was everyone) Cynthia, a long time friend from 1980 (we hadn't seen each other since the 80's), also came with her husband.  This picture is only a partial scene of all those who came.   We loved hearing how everyone is doing.  It was fun to meet the new spouses and soon-to-be spouses, too. The Randalls, the Neves and the Kimballs...former Senior Couples in the mission... were there also. We had 56 come. We love you all!  Thank you for everything!


djgherkinsbloger said...

Sister Roggia,

I'm sure that I'm one of many that has been following this blog to experience mission life in the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission.

In the new Mission Mom going to continue the tradition?

Cory Gherkins
father of Elder Gherkins

President and Sister Roggia said...

Br. Gherkins,
I'm not sure if she will or not. Elder Gherkins is a wonderful missionary giving his all to serve the Lord. Thank you for raising such a good son. Sister Roggia

Grandma & Grandpa W. said...

President and Sister Roggia,
How I miss the blog! THANK YOU so much for your time and effert you but into it and for keeping us informed of what our missionaries were doing as well being able to see there smiling faces. We all hope Sister Ostler will have one as well. I speak for my son, he truly loved serving with you and misses you both. Thank you for watching out for him and all the missionaries. This mission has forever changed his life.

Sherry Wootton
Elder Zachary Wootton 2/12-2/14