Friday, March 29, 2013

Another March Farewell

We had the Randalls' Farewell at Mamba Point the night before they flew home to the United States.  The Kimballs (who previously served with us in Liberia) were visiting Elder and Sister Burns, Humanitarian Couple to talk about the Food Initiative Project (planting gardens).  It was a wonderful meal for all of us. 
We returned to the Mission Home for desert and testimonies. Sister Randall cut her pies that she made for us at THEIR farewell!  We all enjoyed the coconut creme and chocolate creme pies.  This is a real treat for us. It takes effort to find the right ingredients and she did.
 Sister Burns made these wonderful coconut chocolate bars.  Treats like the pies and the bars are so rare and such a delight for all of us.  In Liberia, Sister Miles found ingredients for peach, cherry and berry pies!  Love these good ladies who provide sweet comforts for the rest of us to enjoy!
Returning with Honor!  Thank you Elder and Sister Randall for all your sacrifice and faithful training for the Saints!  
First and last trip on the Hovercraft to the airport!  Where will you go on your next mission?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

March, March! Where did you go?

New arrivals at the airport in Liberia last week
Elder Guyman greeting a young man at the airport. Isn't this just the best picture?
Elders Tolar, Burr and Erickson
Elder Smith, Elder Poulson and Elder Zaugg
Orientation lunch
Sister and Elder Hezseltine
Whatcha doing Sister Kirkham?
Waiting to go to their areas...
Elder Iyiewuare, who completed his mission last week, and Elder Essego, one of our Assistants.
Elder Burr
Elder Guyman and Elder Hill, Assistant.
Elder Osifo and Elder Smith talking with Elder Hill
Heading out...
President Roggia with Elder Iyiewuare and Assistants.  Elder Iyiewuare completed his two year mission serving the Lord in energy of heart! Well done!
Yikes!  Too much in the luggage Elder Iyiewuare! Only allowed 23.4 kg on the flight home!  He shifted weight around to his packback and left some things. 
Elder and Sister Krumm saying good-bye
Zone Leader Council in Liberia with four sets of zone leaders and a pair of Assistants.  This is a historic day.  When we came on mission in 2010, there was one zone with 20 missionaries.  Today, we have 4 zones with over 70 missionaries by the time we leave 1 July.
Wonderful leaders!
Elder Harris, Elder Pentreath and Sister Krumm
Elder Akwah and Elder Nyaku wearing his beaded Liahona tie.
Kirkhams' farewell dinner (on the right with red tie and she with dark shirt. ) Lighting was bad for photos but we had a nice time.  Afterward went back to the apartment for ice cream and testimonies.  They flew back to the United States for a few months before returning July 1 as the Mission President and Companion.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Peace through the Gospel in Sierra Leone

It is so fantastic to see these videos. Enjoy!

Miracle in Africa

This is a most wonderful time to serve!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Orientation and out to new areas!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Going To Liberia This Morning!

We flew with the missionaries this morning. All are well and excited to receive their trainers and area.

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Missionaries yesterday and today

President Roggia talking with them about Sierra Leone Freetown Mission
Missionaries in the van leaving the hovercraft to spend the night with the Assistants.  They have many bunkbeds and have made rice stew for their guests!
Ready to go!  (Elder Otanyiuwa, Assistant, only one in white shirt...we gathered all the suits today and tucked them away in the "sacred closet" where they will be safe for the next two years.)
Elder Wuthrich, Assistant, in the very back seat with the luggage. (I liked the trees, ocean and clouds reflecting)
Away they go with Elder and Sister Randall, Senior Couple Missionaries at the wheel and front seat. The Lauritzens, also transported most of the luggage in the canopy of their truck and took the new sister to the Sisters' apartment.
Okay, flying to Ghana in the morning and will fly with the other new missionaries to Liberia... Love this sweet work!  Will post those as soon as I am able for their parents, family and friends!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New missionaries arriving from the Ghana MTC

We welcomed ten new missionaries from the Ghana MTC this afternoon.  Tomorrow, we will do orientation and get them all to their trainers!  We will fly to Ghana Tuesday.  Wednesday morning, we escort the other 11 to Liberia.  We will enjoy being with them in the airport and on the flight.  I will post their picture as soon as I can get on a computer in Liberia.  Welcome, Elders and Sisters.  This is a wonderful, sweet work you are beginning!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

First Group of Elders going Home

Elder Iheanacho, Elder Opuene and Elder Appleby (three in the middle) are going home after honorably serving the Lord for two years.  We brought their suits out of the closet and they tried them on.  One had gotten smaller and the other fit just fine. Elder Otaniyuwa and Elder Wuthrich (Assistants) on the outsides.  Sunday, we will welcome 9 new missionaries to Sierra Leone.  Tuesday, we will go to Ghana to fly with the 11 other new missionaries to Liberia on Wednesday.  We will also farewell another returning missionary plus Elder and Sister Kirkham.  We will post their pictures as we have internet available.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Freetown East Zone Conference

Elder Liufau and Elder Aniabre (on the ends) are the Freetown East Zone Leaders standing with Elder Wuthrich and Elder Otaniyuwa, Assistants. We met at the Kissy Chapel.
Elder and Sister Lauritzen with Elder Baffoe-Appiah
Elder Itomo and Elder Wootton
Elder Richards and Elder Ekpo
Elder Purcell and Elder Woodhead
 Elder Appleby, Elder Hill and Elder Stanford
Elder Narteh, Elder Appleby and Elder Evans
Elder Narteh, Elder Opuene and Elder Itomo
Elder Nickle and Elder Despain with more new nets.  We replaced the older nets with better quality ones.
Elder Losee, Elder Adah and Elder Hovley
Elder Baffoe-Appiah and Elder Losee
Elders Iheanacho, Itomo and Evans
Elder Liufau and Elder Wuthrich
Enjoying each other after Zone Conference.
Zone Leaders walking to find transport