Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bo West Zone Conference

Liberia Monrovia Mission!   July 1, 2013, the Liberia Monrovia Mission will begin with Roger Kirkham as Mission President.  If you haven't seen it in the Church News or online, here is the online address:
All missionaries that are now in Sierra Leone will stay in Sierra Leone.  All missionaries that are now in Liberia will stay in Liberia.  As missionaries arrive prior to July 1st, they will be assigned to either country by President Roggia.  They will know which country they are assigned as they arrive at the Ghana MTC. As we publish this post, we don't know who our replacement is. We'll let you know as soon as we know!
Elder Liufau, Elder Hill and Elder Despain preparing to cross the busy intersection in Kissy after meeting us on the road coming from Bo.
Elder Mills happy with his mail. (with Elder McDonald in the background) Packages will take from two weeks to one year to arrive. Some never arrive.
Elder Jest holding his big box from the United Kingdom.  He was so very happy.  (Elder McDonald in the background again... :-)...I had to smile.)
Elder Turner with his package that came one day before his birthday.
(Elder Schlehuber enjoying the moment on the right.)
Bo West Zone
Sisters Apiyo and Attiogbe
Elder Jest and Elder Nwuso
Elder Turner and Elder Gyiewu-Appiah
Elder Lokpo and Elder McDonald
Elder Mills and Elder Flament
Elder Clawson, Bo West Zone Leader with Elder Walker.
Elder Ngerem and Elder Walker
Elder Wuthrich checking texts...Assistants' work is never done.

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PB'nJ said...

News like this must make those tortuous, adventurous, tiring trips to Liberai feel very rewarding. Wonderful news for you and for all the faithful missionaries and Saints you serve.