Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bo East Zone Conference

Lunch during Zone Conference.  Yep, Sab's burgers, still a favorite to the missionaries.  Elder Sumrak, Elder Stewart and Elder Burton.
Elder Weller, Elder Jones and Elder Sumrak
Elder Asiedu, Elder Ngerem, Elder Arhinful and Elder Barth
Elder Penia, Elder Coffie and Elder Udofot
Elder Edwards, Elder Hales and Elder Arikpo (and Elder Schlehuber)
Elder Symons, Elder Weller, Elder and Sister Schlehuber
Elder Stewart and Elder Burton, Bo East Zone Leaders!
We just love all our missionaries!  They are so good.
Impromptu snap of the Bo East Zone!
Elder Otaniyuwa, Assistant, smiling, with Elders Edwards, Wuthrich (Assistant) and Arikpo
 President Roggia talking with some of the missionaries.
 Elder Hales joyfully holding his package from home with Elder Arikpo smiling.
Elder Burton and Elder Stewart going around the back of the chapel to turn off the generator. We use generators for electricity in chapels, apartments, the mission home and mission office.

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