Monday, March 18, 2013

New Missionaries yesterday and today

President Roggia talking with them about Sierra Leone Freetown Mission
Missionaries in the van leaving the hovercraft to spend the night with the Assistants.  They have many bunkbeds and have made rice stew for their guests!
Ready to go!  (Elder Otanyiuwa, Assistant, only one in white shirt...we gathered all the suits today and tucked them away in the "sacred closet" where they will be safe for the next two years.)
Elder Wuthrich, Assistant, in the very back seat with the luggage. (I liked the trees, ocean and clouds reflecting)
Away they go with Elder and Sister Randall, Senior Couple Missionaries at the wheel and front seat. The Lauritzens, also transported most of the luggage in the canopy of their truck and took the new sister to the Sisters' apartment.
Okay, flying to Ghana in the morning and will fly with the other new missionaries to Liberia... Love this sweet work!  Will post those as soon as I am able for their parents, family and friends!


Shaw Family said...

Thank you Sister Roggia for the pictures! We appreciate you doing this blog so much. We loved seeing the pictures of the missionaries especially Elder Ogden. Thank you so much & we look forward to all up dates.

Grandma Neal said...

So grateful for the wonderful job you are doing with this web site. A wonderful relief for a grandmother to see her grandson. So grateful for the efforts of each missionary as you continue your service to Heavenly Father's chosen children. Thanks so much!

misty Rogers said...

We love this blog, we check It everyday. Thanks for the updates.

family care foundation car donation said...

Welcome and God Bless Guys and continue and love what you are doing!..

xtinita said...

I'm glad to see a increasing number of missionaries and I'm proud of it.

Thanks and God Bless!

link for familycare (FCF)

Niklas Simmons said...

Just got my call to this mission, so excited!!!