Friday, March 29, 2013

Another March Farewell

We had the Randalls' Farewell at Mamba Point the night before they flew home to the United States.  The Kimballs (who previously served with us in Liberia) were visiting Elder and Sister Burns, Humanitarian Couple to talk about the Food Initiative Project (planting gardens).  It was a wonderful meal for all of us. 
We returned to the Mission Home for desert and testimonies. Sister Randall cut her pies that she made for us at THEIR farewell!  We all enjoyed the coconut creme and chocolate creme pies.  This is a real treat for us. It takes effort to find the right ingredients and she did.
 Sister Burns made these wonderful coconut chocolate bars.  Treats like the pies and the bars are so rare and such a delight for all of us.  In Liberia, Sister Miles found ingredients for peach, cherry and berry pies!  Love these good ladies who provide sweet comforts for the rest of us to enjoy!
Returning with Honor!  Thank you Elder and Sister Randall for all your sacrifice and faithful training for the Saints!  
First and last trip on the Hovercraft to the airport!  Where will you go on your next mission?

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