Sunday, October 31, 2010

For you, Joy, and all the grandchildren...

We saw this vehicle in Accra, Ghana last week. Ya gotta have fuel to run it, right? See below...
So, in Monrovia, Liberia, we saw this service station with added features while you wait. It says Joy Pharmacy on the right..
A hen and her chicks from the window of a bus... not exactly an exotic bird... It makes me think of my Grandma Sampson carrying baby chicks in her apron while growing up on the farm.  The Savior tells us that He will "gather his people even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wing...".

In Accra, Ghana, we saw this guy. This big lizard was very long...including his tail, probably 18 inches.  I took some pictures of him when he was turned the other way; and all of a sudden, he quickly turned around towards me defensively!  I was finished taking his picture...
Another large lizard in Monrovia, Liberia, sitting on the water pump at one of the chapel lawns. He must have enjoyed some of the water drip, drip, dripping.
We saw this cargo ship coming into port in Freetown. We thought the grandsons would like to see it.
We saw this at the hotel in Accra, Ghana . (We were there for the Mission Presidents' Seminar) What a fascinating pot/plant holder! This one has a crack in it, but isn't it interesting?  How do you carve that all hooked together?  See the next pic, too.

One was lying flat on the floor. When it's picked up, it can be made to sit up like this.  I think it is symbolic of the unity of our five children! Especially when you were teenagers?? Weren't you all tangled up like that, especially when we played Twister...?
It is unusual to see a paraglider?; but we did at the hotel in Ghana.  The way the wind is blowing and the way the parachute looks, shouldn't there be somebody directly beneath it?  I've looked and looked ---with no luck.  Maybe you can see him or her...                             
 In Accra, Ghana, at the hotel.
For just a moment, he slowed down for a picture. 
When one walks into the Area Offices in Accra, Ghana, this is one of the sweet pictures on the wall.  It is much brighter than the camera reveals.
The cemetaries in Monrovia, Liberia, are above the ground because of the water table level.
                                        The Bushrod Island District chapel in Monrovia, Liberia.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Missionary Interviews in Monrovia,Liberia this week.

We have returned from nine days of travel to Ghana and Liberia. Here are some new photos. Elder Taylor and Elder Kimball talking in the hall during President's interviews.
Elder Intsiful (Zone Leader) and Elder Taylor displaying mail that Elder Taylor received.  Yep, mail is number one on every elder's list!
Elder Lowe, Elder Boateng, Elder Intsiful, Elder Moss looking at the new Liahona on temples while waiting for their turn with President Roggia.
Elder Lowe and Elder Boateng reading the articles on the temple outloud.  Elder Boateng is hearing impaired and enjoys reading. 
We are at the Bushrod Island Chapel with a friend and child, Elders Stott, Essell, Merrill, Boye-Doh, Kotey, and Marveh. 
Elder Stott told his mother that he would always put on his sunscreen while on his mission here in Sierra Leone and Liberia. I asked him if it would be okay to share that; so, Mom, he told me that he has kept his word from day one!
Again, mail is so important to these wonderful elders.  It doesn't matter how big or long the letter is...
Elder Milton and Elder Ogoloma just coming in for President's interviews at Bushrod Island Chapel.
Sister Kimball talking with Elders Milton and Ogoloma.  All the elders love seeing Sister Kimball.  She brightens their day, brings them yummy snacks and smiles plus just about everything else.

Elder Merrill, Elder Boye-Doh, Elder Essell, and Elder Stott  heading back out in Monrovia to find the true in heart.  Each are carrying their scriptures...

Zone Leaders, Elder Intsiful and Elder Massey, at Zone Council. What fine individuals they are!  They are so concerned for the elders they are responsible for and do a great job.

President and Elder Kimball during Zone Council discussing all sorts of things.  Elder Kimball helps with the missionaries' apartments, generators, a good ear to listen and much, much more. 
Elder Kimball, Elder Jenkins, Elder Moss, Elder Okeke and Elder Afadi coming in from the heavy rain.  It was just pouring so hard on this morning that the elders had to wear their rain coats.  This picture really shows their respect and love for one another...loved it!
Once again, mail is so eagerly received.  Elder Jenkins' mail included two cute postcards---which, by the way, he treasured!
Sister Kimball and I were in the truck following Elder Kimball and President Roggia.  We just had to take this per chance picture going down the road to Bushrod Island District.  More pics to come...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Neonatal Resuscitation Training

This week the Humanitarian Group (led by Ike and Gloria Ferguson) from the Church came to teach, train and certify midwives in Freetown ,and also in Bo, in the resuscitation of newborn babies. These women will actually train others. As they train others, the ability to save these little ones will increase and more midwives will know what to do and how to do it.  These good women, of all faiths, came from all over Sierra Leone for two days.   Each time the Humanitarian Group comes, the attendance for these classes grows. We also had the wheelchair group here to see how the wheelchairs distributed last year were being used in Freetown and in Bo.  Both are truly worthwhile efforts by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help the people here in Sierra Leone.  They will now go to Liberia and do the same training there.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Freetown Zone "Super" Preparation day

We all went to Beach #2 on Monday morning for some frisbee, soccer, a little touch football and some other games plus some rice and chicken, oh, and fried plantains....that's like having pizza here.  Everyone loves it.  We take a large 6 gallon container of cold water. We found some rice crispies, some marshmellows plus some chocolate chips from Liberia...made some rice crispie treats.  The weather was warm and sunny.  All there had a nice time interacting,and playing games. We used our parental instincts and made sure sunscreen was used. We got there about 10 a.m. and finished at 2 p.m.; that way, the missionaries could find an internet cafe to email home.  At 6 p.m. they are back in their white shirts and ties all ready to serve and teach.

                                         President, pondering the vastness of the Eternities...
Elder Neves, in tan shirt, with the ball taking on the younger missionaries!
Elders Dogbaste and Njaga playing soccer, "football".  The sky is really picturesque.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Flora and Fauna...

Birds outside our window at the mission home... This one has a green, purplish head and yellow stomach with a long beak.  It has a beautiful chirp.
Okay, bird lovers, what kind are these two beautiful birds?  This one is greenish and has red around it's eyes. (double click on the picture to enlarge it)  We loved it's reddish striped chest. 

We went to the Lighthouse Restaurant with the Humanitarian Team for dinner.  To our surprise, there was a huge mural of the Matterhorn.  We lived 10 1/2 years in Europe.  Who would have thought we'd see the Matterhorn in Sierra Leone? (this isn't flora and fauna; only a lead in to the next pics. lol)
We were surprised to see Hydrangeas outside the restaurant (and the flowers below). Aren't they pretty?
Okay, flower people, what are these? So great to see...
Don't know what these pretty orange ones are's a bush or tree...anyone know?
These oversized ferns (not real name, of course, leaves from the Palm Trees) are used to cover beach shelters for those who want to camp or have a dinner under shelters...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Messima Chapel in Bo

This is the entrance to the Messima chapel in Bo.  It is a rented building.  Hopefully a new chapel will be built in the coming months or year.
President and the missionaries standing at the front of the chapel area next to the pulpit. You can't see them very well but I thought it would give you all a better visual of the rooms. To the left, where it is white---that is the outdoors.  It is an openwall chapel.  See the next pictures.
President looking at the chapel from the other angle.  You can see the open air at the end.  Those of you in America, no matter what your religion, have a good chapel to meet in.  What a blessing that is!  These folks in Sierra Leone and Liberia are humble and are so grateful to have a place to worship.
This is one of the class rooms probably for Sunday School or Relief Society or maybe for Primary children.  They do their best to sweep it clean and to prepare it each Sunday for services.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has several well built chapels; but we thought it would be of interest to see what some of the rented buildings look like---until a new permanent building is constructed.

We posted this baptismal font on the other post.  This is a better view of it.  The cover is easily pulled off.  See the steps up to the top of the font?  The elders were sad to see the water level so low (because they had just filled it the day before) and were trying to find out why it lost water.  Either the water evaporated, it has a leak or someone needed some water for their own use... 
Elder Gunderson's (in the middle) solution to the low water issue: rain dance!

some more recent pics...

Elders Ogama, Kotey, Adjei and Tippets reading their mail and sorting distribution items at the Bo Zone interviews last week.
Elder Hickey, President Roggia, Elder Gunderson, Elder Nyarko and Elder Hilton during Zone Council in the Bo Zone last week.  We bought rice and chicken from Sir Milton's Hotel plus some coleslaw.  I made chocolate chips cookies and  brought some juice.  Sir Milton's even provided glass plates, forks, spoons, knives and a table cloth for us....and napkins.  All for about $5 a piece.  The rice and chicken were seasoned with "pepi"...a hot pepper seasoning...too hot for me but everyone else loved it.
More snaps of missionaries waiting for President's interview in Freetown. Elder Wood, Elder Norton, Elder Kitson-Dodoo, Elder Laneri and Elder Eshun (both standing), and Elder Ditsi (sitting) and Elder Lambson looking out the window.

Elder Emanuelson, Elder Adjei on the phone, Elder Hickey looking into the baptismal font, President and Elder Gunderson talking and a member of the Messima Branch in Bo.  Elder Emanuelson and Elder Adjei were preparing for a baptism but the font (which they had filled 48 hours prior) had lost 1/2 of it's water.  We have several fonts that are outside with covers. So, what to do next?  They could carry many buckets of water from the nearby well, postpone the baptism or go over to one of the other chapels that still had water in the font.  They decided to go over to the other chapel since everything was set up there.
Our newest missionary from Nigeria, Elder Okeke.  His father is a stake president there.  Elder Okeke was transferred to Monrovia, Liberia to be trained and guided for the first few months by Elder Massey.  He was surprised to be going to Liberia but was eager to go.

Yesterday, Elder Kamara returned from Liberia to be released from his mission.  He had started his mission in 2008, had gotten sick with spinal meningitis and was able to return to his mission to finish.  So, he's been a missionary for about 28 months compared to the usual 24 months.  His home is in Grafton outside of Freetown.  We made him a nice lunch with the assistants.  President Roggia released him to go home to his family. He served the Lord faithfully, endured illness and returned with honor.

To and from Bo, we see these wonderful grass huts.  We especially liked this one because of the vines on top. At first we thought that there was flowers on the vines but only yellow leaves.  The lady was happy we took the picture...such freindly people!