Sunday, October 10, 2010

Preparation Day with the Senior Couples at Bureh Beach

We had the opportunity to watch this gentlemen cast his net.  He was a very interesting person and had a tried and true way of doing it.  He holds the net in his mouth and hands then tosses it into the water.  He has a bag on his side where he puts the fish that he catches.
We were excited to have caught the net in the air in this picture.  
Such a beautiful view of the rocks, beach and palm trees.  Over to the right, someone has just done their laundry for the day and is drying it on the rocks.  Here in Sierra Leone and Liberia, people drape their wash over rocks, on the highway, on the bushes, over old cars, over bamboo clothes lines and even on the dry ground.  Any place that it will dry.
Elder and Sister Patterson "walking their dogs"...not really, missionaries don't have pets on their mission.  It was fun to see the dogs taking a walk with them, however.
Elder and Sister Neves enjoying time together.  It was a really creative chair he was sitting on and he said it was very comfortable. It was nice to celebrate Sister Neves birthday on preparation day.  A fisherman sold us a barracuda, cleaned and filleted.  We took it back to the mission home and we all had a nice dinner together.  Mondays are the only day to relax a little.  Sometimes, when things get really busy, even Mondays get lost but we try to always use the time to rejuvenate ourselves.

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