Sunday, October 3, 2010

Last week at the Embassy...

Elder Lambson and Elder Tims in the vehicle the next morning after taking 15 of us to the American Embassy.  The new ambassador wanted to talk to all the Americans in Freetown.  We got all the missionaries together, put their passports together and drove the few minutes behind the mission home to the Embassy.  For two hours, the missionaries were on "American" soil, got to drink out of a water fountain with clean water, feel the air conditioning and have refreshments with about 25 other Americans who came for the meeting.  We had the biggest group there and visited with everyone.  It was delightful for the missionaries and wonderful to be in a building which, as the ambassador said, "belongs to all of us because we built it with our taxes".  We met other representatives of other churches, government officials and students here doing internships.  We think the Church was well represented with these faithful missionaries in their white shirts, ties and name tags. 

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