Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recent pictures...

Elder Hickey and Elder Gunderson carrying Books of Mormon out to the van.  After being here as long as they have, they have learned to acclimate to the customs.
It is so fascinating to me that everyone uses their heads and necks for such heavy loads.  Most of the time it makes one's hands free to carry other things.
This is Elder Clawson reading his mail. The missionaries love getting mail.  When the elders came in for President interviews, we had mail that had recently come in.  We get boxes and letters.  It just takes time to get here.  We get them out to the missionaries as fast as we can.  If one of the senior couples is going past one of the missionary apartments, they will bring mail for them. The Senior Couples and President and Sister Roggia love getting mail too. 
Elders waiting patiently for their turn with President for interviews.  Interviews are every quarter now instead of monthly. We bring everyone in Freetown into the mission office.  Then, we go to Bo and do all the interviews there.  We will finish interviews at the end of the month when we go back to Monrovia, Liberia.

Elders Lancaster, Bennion, Tims and Ewudzie after interviews preparing to start walking.

Elders Smoot, Elder Vogl and Elder Chaparadza waiting for interviews in Bo and reading their long awaited mail.
Elders Ogama, Priddis, Allred, Chikwendu and President Roggia in Bo after interviews.
Elder Ellsworth in long white baptismal clothes and Elder Vogl prior to the baptism of the two good people in the middle. It was a very nice service.

Elder Smoot's smile says it all when it comes to mail!
Yes, preparation day is on a Monday here.
Elders Tims, Amoa, Norton and Lancaster. This just looked like a neat picture so we had to post it.

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lovshinmom said...

Cathy and Rick,
You look so peaceful.
also, I love the picture of the Elders carrying the Book of Mormons.