Monday, October 31, 2011

Bo Zone and new Bo District Presidency

President Roggia with the new Bo District Presidency: President Kpaka (1st counselor) President Taylor and President Cobinah (2nd counselor) with Elder Dickson, of the Seventy, President of the Area West Africa.
Bo Zone with President and Sister Breillatt, Accra Ghana Temple president, Elder Dickson of the Seventy with President Roggia and me.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Missionaries arrive in Sierra Leone and Liberia

 It was starting to get dark...but you'll still be able to find your missionary.  This is on the ferry to Freetown from Lungi Airport and Wharf last night.
Elders arriving at Roberts Airport in Monrovia, Liberia yesterday afternoon. The Senior Couples picked them up, fed them and took them to their new areas.  We will see them all in two weeks when we go to Monrovia.
Our assistants, Elder Priddis and Elder Wood, with President Roggia sitting in the middle.  Elder Priddis drove the van and President Roggia drove the Ford Everest onto the ferry.  Then, they filled both vehicles with luggage and missionaries, drove off the ferry and headed to the mission home for a late dinner.

Our new Senior Couple in Liberia: The Krumms

We were able to fly with them from the Ghana airport to Liberia.  We loved being with them and feeling their excitement to come on mission.  They were eager to come and get to work.  We are so happy we get to serve with them.
Elder and Sister Krumm will take care of the missionaries in the Monrovia Zone.  They got to meet all of them as President Roggia did interviews.  Here is Elder Lambson and Elder Liufau
 Elder Mazani and Elder Ekpo
Elder Liufau was so happy to get a picture of his family in the mail.
 Elders Martin, Chaparadza, Appleby and Otaniyuwah....yep, had a little gentle reminder that we respectfully take our hats off in church buildings.  Missionaries can wear a floppy hat in the hot sun and heavy heat.  Helps prevent dehydration...
Elder Appleby received a letter with "Australian" spelled incorrectly.  He loved the letter and message however!
Sisters Notayo, Edem, Moseray and Jibba.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More October interviews--Bo next

When we arrived at the Njaboima Chapel, Elder Emanuelson (as their district leader) was having a meeting with Sister Togba, Sister Akpanumoh, Sister Usen and Sister Arthur.
We bring all the mail when we go to Bo.  Elder Jenkins received a bunch of letters and a box.  I'll say it again: "Missionaries love mail!"
Elder Rochester reading his mail.
 Elder Adah enjoying his letters from home.
Elder Stott was so intent on reading that didn't notice the flash of the camera at all.
Elder Bennion and Elder Barth looking the "puppy-eyed-sad-no-mail" look.
Elder Nyaku and Elder Allred.  Elder Allred is so busy taking care of the office things in Bo.  We really appreciate all of his extra work for the mission.
Elder Merrill and Elder Milton, Bo Zone Leaders.
Elder Brownson and Elder Assumang
Elders Tade, Jenkins, Obinna and Rochester all serving in Kenema having fun staying in step with the Mission!

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Missionaries at the MTC in Ghana

We were in Ghana on Saturday so we stopped into the MTC to see the missionaries who are coming to the mission tomorrow.  All are in this picture but Elder Carpenter who was finishing the doctor's exam.  Everyone is taken care of very well.  We will pick up nine at the wharf tomorrow and take them to the mission home.  Four will fly straight to Liberia: Elder Carpenter, Elder Willis, Elder Hugentobler and Elder Smith.  The Kirkhams will pick them up at the Liberia airport.  More tomorrow....

Friday, October 7, 2011

Braille Book of Mormon for the blind boy in Bo...

 Today we received The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ, in braille.  It has footnotes as well. Elder Vogl is holding a portion of it and smiling because he knows who this one is for.  
 The braille is on both sides of the page.
Isn't this a wonder?  This is the only time we have received one like this and were very surprised at the big box.  At first glance, we thought we had six Books of Mormon. But, no, it takes six volumes of the braille Book of Mormon to equal one small, regular sized volume of  the The Book of Mormon. It is truly amazing and a great blessing for those who cannot see.  Now, for the rest of the story....

Go to our blogpost: 
September 24, 2010

This now12 year old blind boy isn't baptized yet because he has been going to, yes, braille school.  The missionaries have been teaching him and his older sister who takes care of him.  This Book of Mormon in braille was ordered for him a few months ago and just arrived today. On Monday, when we drive to Bo for missionary interviews, we will find him and present him with this most precious gift.  (update:  just found out he is in the village for a few weeks so will get it to him as soon as he returns)

Next interviews--Freetown East Zone

We drove early Thursday morning to the Kissy Chapel and distributed the Liahona Magazine.  The missionaries devour it's contents in a matter of minutes.  They just love it! This issue of the Liahona is all about the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Christ.
Elder Wood was next for his interview with President Roggia; so I took a quick snap before the Freetown East Zone picture below! (He is gaining weight, Mom, and continues to extend his belt buckle.  We are glad!)
Freetown East Zone minus Elder Taiwah and Elder Wood.
Elder Moss smiling as Elder Pabie making sure the umbrella works.  The rainy season is starting to slow down now but everyone still carries them.
 Elder Stewart's hands on top of Elder Pabie's hands.  Elder Pabie, the trainer, reassuring Elder Stewart, the trainee, that he will soon perfect the art of washing/scrubbing his clothes by hand in a bucket.  (It's all right, Mama Stewart--his hands were healing very well) Most new missionaries experience this...
Elder Taiwah, Elder Priddis and Elder Taylor....talking about- what to talk about- while I'm taking their picture... :-)
 Beautiful pre-sunset last week.
Then, after a few more minutes, it looked like this!  Fantastic!
Monday, we drive to Bo for interviews.  Tuesday, we fly to Ghana, stay overnight, and fly to Liberia for interviews.  We will be there for a week and return to Ghana for the Mission Presidents Seminar.  We will try to get up some more pictures from Bo before we fly the next morning.  There will be a blog dry spell until we return on the 23rd.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Interviews in October

Elder Hill waiting for time with President Roggia
Elder Wuthrich filling out a missionary survey about this mission.
Freetown Zone minus Elder Donaldson, who was with President Roggia
Elder Donaldson...
 Our assistant, Elder Omale.  We made popcorn for everyone after their zone meeting and interviews with President Roggia.
 Elder Norton waiting his turn with President Roggia.  The brother smiling at him is a pre-missionary who leaves for the Ghana Missionary Training Center on a mission to Nigeria this Friday.
Elder Priddis, our other assistant, pondering as we listen to the recent General Conference talks.
Elder Adjei and Elder Eyinda, our second office elders.  We will be without a couple in the office during the month of December; so, we will have four office elders learning everything they need to know.
This large beetle, about 3 inches long, was sitting on the door at the Mission Office.
Elder Essel and Elder Goncolo looking at the newest Liahona magazine.
Elder Vogl and Elder Afadi, our other office elders.
Sister Ashma-Davis and Sister Lamwaka.  They are pioneering here in Freetown.  They are the first sister missionaries along with four sisters in Bo for Sierra Leone. We received sisters in June and they were sent to Liberia. Next transfer, we will receive two more.