Friday, October 7, 2011

Next interviews--Freetown East Zone

We drove early Thursday morning to the Kissy Chapel and distributed the Liahona Magazine.  The missionaries devour it's contents in a matter of minutes.  They just love it! This issue of the Liahona is all about the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Christ.
Elder Wood was next for his interview with President Roggia; so I took a quick snap before the Freetown East Zone picture below! (He is gaining weight, Mom, and continues to extend his belt buckle.  We are glad!)
Freetown East Zone minus Elder Taiwah and Elder Wood.
Elder Moss smiling as Elder Pabie making sure the umbrella works.  The rainy season is starting to slow down now but everyone still carries them.
 Elder Stewart's hands on top of Elder Pabie's hands.  Elder Pabie, the trainer, reassuring Elder Stewart, the trainee, that he will soon perfect the art of washing/scrubbing his clothes by hand in a bucket.  (It's all right, Mama Stewart--his hands were healing very well) Most new missionaries experience this...
Elder Taiwah, Elder Priddis and Elder Taylor....talking about- what to talk about- while I'm taking their picture... :-)
 Beautiful pre-sunset last week.
Then, after a few more minutes, it looked like this!  Fantastic!
Monday, we drive to Bo for interviews.  Tuesday, we fly to Ghana, stay overnight, and fly to Liberia for interviews.  We will be there for a week and return to Ghana for the Mission Presidents Seminar.  We will try to get up some more pictures from Bo before we fly the next morning.  There will be a blog dry spell until we return on the 23rd.

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