Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our new Senior Couple in Liberia: The Krumms

We were able to fly with them from the Ghana airport to Liberia.  We loved being with them and feeling their excitement to come on mission.  They were eager to come and get to work.  We are so happy we get to serve with them.
Elder and Sister Krumm will take care of the missionaries in the Monrovia Zone.  They got to meet all of them as President Roggia did interviews.  Here is Elder Lambson and Elder Liufau
 Elder Mazani and Elder Ekpo
Elder Liufau was so happy to get a picture of his family in the mail.
 Elders Martin, Chaparadza, Appleby and Otaniyuwah....yep, had a little gentle reminder that we respectfully take our hats off in church buildings.  Missionaries can wear a floppy hat in the hot sun and heavy heat.  Helps prevent dehydration...
Elder Appleby received a letter with "Australian" spelled incorrectly.  He loved the letter and message however!
Sisters Notayo, Edem, Moseray and Jibba.

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