Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Interviews in October

Elder Hill waiting for time with President Roggia
Elder Wuthrich filling out a missionary survey about this mission.
Freetown Zone minus Elder Donaldson, who was with President Roggia
Elder Donaldson...
 Our assistant, Elder Omale.  We made popcorn for everyone after their zone meeting and interviews with President Roggia.
 Elder Norton waiting his turn with President Roggia.  The brother smiling at him is a pre-missionary who leaves for the Ghana Missionary Training Center on a mission to Nigeria this Friday.
Elder Priddis, our other assistant, pondering as we listen to the recent General Conference talks.
Elder Adjei and Elder Eyinda, our second office elders.  We will be without a couple in the office during the month of December; so, we will have four office elders learning everything they need to know.
This large beetle, about 3 inches long, was sitting on the door at the Mission Office.
Elder Essel and Elder Goncolo looking at the newest Liahona magazine.
Elder Vogl and Elder Afadi, our other office elders.
Sister Ashma-Davis and Sister Lamwaka.  They are pioneering here in Freetown.  They are the first sister missionaries along with four sisters in Bo for Sierra Leone. We received sisters in June and they were sent to Liberia. Next transfer, we will receive two more.

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