Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More and more snaps...

 Elder Nickle enjoying one of his letters and drawings made just for him!
Elder Guzha and me talking in Liberia.
Prior to a baptism a few weeks ago in the East Freetown Zone...
Elder Walker keeping good records for his area in Freetown East Zone.
 Baptisms in the Monrovia Liberia Zone...
Elder Liufau picking coconut off the tree in their compound in Liberia.
Elder and Sister Neves after our dinner the night before they left.  Thank you for your dedicated service and love for the people in Sierra Leone.
Elder Afadi, one of our office elders working diligently.
Elder Iyiewuare and Elder Wuthrich heading out...
Elder Anderson (To his folks: We printed off his patriarchal blessing at the office and it is in his hands.) with his trainer Elder Essel.
The Neves saying good-bye to their dear friends.
Elder Priddis and Elder Wood giving their tickets to board the ferry as they went the airport yesterday with the Neves .

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Construction of Hill Station Chapel in Freetown

This is for all you missionaries who have served at Hill Station.  We had a simple ground breaking for the new chapel which is to be completed by this time next year. It should be one of the most beautiful buildings in Freetown.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

How we love our missionaries...

Elder Liufau was having these for breakfast at the Mission Office in Liberia.  I said, "What would your Mom say if she saw you eating cookies for breakfast?"
And he said, "Look, right here, it is healthy. It is enriched with calcium!" 
While taking the Bushrod Island Zone Conference photo, I put the camera on a 10-second timer and ran to my chair.  This is what I found later while looking for pictures for the blog.
Take a closer look....
 Elder Boateng holding a postcard he received from Wyoming.  He had never seen orange leaves before----he is from Ghana, where everything is usually very green.
Elders Okeke and Liufau on Preparation Day activities.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Return from Liberia and other snaps!

After our Bushrod Island District Conference (1125 attended), Elder Taylor and Elder Raymond were walking back to their area.
Elder Vogl (center) returned home this month.  We miss you and love you, Elder Vogl.  (Elder Priddis and Elder Wood on the left and right.)
 Elder Vogl with President Roggia and I.
One more snap at Government Wharf prior to boarding the water taxi.  We were on our way to Liberia via Ghana and so were on the same flight as Elder Vogl.  
Liberian Sunset...
All above, during Bushrod Island Zone conference.
 Sisters leaving for the Missionary Training Center in Ghana.  One was leaving for the Ghana Accra Mission and the other to the Nigeria Port Harcourt mission.
Showing off their belt notches and how much weight they have lost.  Not all missionaries lose weight, some actually gain.
 Receiving and begging for mail... :-)
Elder Buckman enjoying an opportunity to play the keyboard.
 Sister missionaries in Monrovia Zone
 Elders wanting a haircut...
 Using a #2 clip, here are the results... 
 Trust and faith... for both individuals
 Clean up, clean up, la dee dah dee , clean up
 What great Elders!
What!?  You have my tie!
Just a sweet picture of her...
 Sister Krumm serving the missionaries at Monrovia Zone.
 Monrovia Zone picture with Elder Mensah.
Elder Chaparadza's letter from his 'date' Nancy who will soon return from her mission.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

News About Liberia and Catching up on snaps...

For everyone's information, all the missionaries in Liberia are safe and sound.  During the elections, they are staying inside and no one goes out.  We fly into Liberia Friday to see everyone and have Zone Conferences to conclude the rest of our Mission Tour with Elder Mensah.  We have two District Conferences as well.
Elder Taylor showing a letter from Elder Ballard, of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles.  He was so surprised!  Elder Ballard had seen his brother before he returned home from his mission; so, sent a letter telling Elder Taylor.  We told him to keep the envelope and everything!  It just shows how individual and important each person is to the Apostles and the Lord.
 Sister Kirkham lovingly giving a haircut to Elder Nickle!
One of my favorite pictures...Elder Taylor and Elder Nickle with an eleven year old who chose to be baptized with his family.  We invite all to come unto Christ-- 8 years to 100 +.   Anyone under 18 has to have parental approval.
Elder Tims and the other Elder Taylor in Liberia a few weeks ago.  It was heavy rain and they were modeling their rain gear. (Elder Tim's camera)
Elder Tims and Elder Ogama with members of the Duala Branch and baptismal candidates. Brother Cooper, in the center, was doing the baptizing. A sweet work...
Elder Taylor, Elder Ogama, Elder Tims and Elder Ameworlor after a baptism in Liberia.
All West Africa Clean-up day.  The yellow shirts say, (with hand prints on the back) "Mormon Helping Hands".
 Way to go, Elder Tims! Bushrod Island Zone leaders showing the way..
 Muddy shoe and pants...
Elder Guzha had no problems crossing.... :-) hmmmm...
Monday, Elder Boye-doe and Elder Norton, Freetown Zone Leaders, on their way after Zone Conference.
Speaking of crossing water...  We are putting our life vests on as we embark on the Echo Water Taxi to get to the Lungi Airport. And, President Roggia on the phone.  It is almost a grafted part of his ear...
Coming back on the water taxi. The waters were rougher on October 23rd.
This is for Bucky in Butte, Montana, who is a Green Bay Packers fan.  We are waiting to get on the Echo Water Taxi bus to shuttle us to the Airport.

Going to the Airport (oops, videos are not in order) The waters were calmer heading to the airport.  This was October 11th.  (President Roggia answering emails as we travel.)
For my 95 year old Mother...her missionary is doing fine!  This is outside the Ghana Accra Temple.
Mission President Seminar in Accra in October.
During the Sisters meeting... We were taught by Sister Dickson, Sister Sitati, Sister Curtis and Sister Gavarret.  So very uplifting and inspiring for us all.... Elder and Sister Fife, Africa West Area Medical Adviser, spent so much time answering our questions about medical care for our dear missionaries.
 All of us on a bus going to an Indian Restaurant. 
Bus broke down on way to dinner...mission presidents pushing it out of the middle of the road... We were 'rescued' by several vans... 
 Just love these "fan" trees outside the beautiful temple..
We were blessed to have four General Authorities of the First Quorum of Seventy: Elder Dickson, Elder Sitati, Elder Curtis and Elder Gavarret.
In Elder and Sister Fife's doctor's office....very nice map showing all the mission presidents in West Africa.
 Nice display in the Ghana MTC cafeteria.
One of the classrooms in the MTC...

No, the phone calls and emails on the blackberry don't stop for any mission president.
Beautiful butterfly near the temple in Ghana.
 Flowers in a compound that we might rent for couples in Bo.
 Bright orange!
 The rain drops are still on it...
 These were very red and notice the shells in the of the construction guys did it one by one.
 Pretty, pretty.
 Shell by shell...He did a really nice job.
Papaya tree on possible rental.