Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Return from Liberia and other snaps!

After our Bushrod Island District Conference (1125 attended), Elder Taylor and Elder Raymond were walking back to their area.
Elder Vogl (center) returned home this month.  We miss you and love you, Elder Vogl.  (Elder Priddis and Elder Wood on the left and right.)
 Elder Vogl with President Roggia and I.
One more snap at Government Wharf prior to boarding the water taxi.  We were on our way to Liberia via Ghana and so were on the same flight as Elder Vogl.  
Liberian Sunset...
All above, during Bushrod Island Zone conference.
 Sisters leaving for the Missionary Training Center in Ghana.  One was leaving for the Ghana Accra Mission and the other to the Nigeria Port Harcourt mission.
Showing off their belt notches and how much weight they have lost.  Not all missionaries lose weight, some actually gain.
 Receiving and begging for mail... :-)
Elder Buckman enjoying an opportunity to play the keyboard.
 Sister missionaries in Monrovia Zone
 Elders wanting a haircut...
 Using a #2 clip, here are the results... 
 Trust and faith... for both individuals
 Clean up, clean up, la dee dah dee , clean up
 What great Elders!
What!?  You have my tie!
Just a sweet picture of her...
 Sister Krumm serving the missionaries at Monrovia Zone.
 Monrovia Zone picture with Elder Mensah.
Elder Chaparadza's letter from his 'date' Nancy who will soon return from her mission.

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