Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More October interviews--Bo next

When we arrived at the Njaboima Chapel, Elder Emanuelson (as their district leader) was having a meeting with Sister Togba, Sister Akpanumoh, Sister Usen and Sister Arthur.
We bring all the mail when we go to Bo.  Elder Jenkins received a bunch of letters and a box.  I'll say it again: "Missionaries love mail!"
Elder Rochester reading his mail.
 Elder Adah enjoying his letters from home.
Elder Stott was so intent on reading that didn't notice the flash of the camera at all.
Elder Bennion and Elder Barth looking the "puppy-eyed-sad-no-mail" look.
Elder Nyaku and Elder Allred.  Elder Allred is so busy taking care of the office things in Bo.  We really appreciate all of his extra work for the mission.
Elder Merrill and Elder Milton, Bo Zone Leaders.
Elder Brownson and Elder Assumang
Elders Tade, Jenkins, Obinna and Rochester all serving in Kenema having fun staying in step with the Mission!

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