Sunday, October 3, 2010

Let there be light...

You are looking at Elder Patterson's truck filled with empty propane tanks.  The missionaries, the senior couples, President and I use propane for our cooking stoves.  Elder Patterson gets them all filled. Then, Elder Neves, in his truck, delivers them to Bo and Freetown.  The red object in the front is a generator that the missionaries use to produce electricity for their lights and fans. We in the mission home also use a generator.  The national power is spotty at best but getting better all the time. It only works during the rainy season because it is hydra---powered by water.  So during the dry season, there is little or no national power.  There are few places that get it.  Although, we don't have to worry about heating fuel for those cold winter nights.  Charcoal is used everywhere here.  It is a blessing to have propane and diesel.  The truck is just going out of the mission home gates.

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