Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Missionary Interviews in Monrovia,Liberia this week.

We have returned from nine days of travel to Ghana and Liberia. Here are some new photos. Elder Taylor and Elder Kimball talking in the hall during President's interviews.
Elder Intsiful (Zone Leader) and Elder Taylor displaying mail that Elder Taylor received.  Yep, mail is number one on every elder's list!
Elder Lowe, Elder Boateng, Elder Intsiful, Elder Moss looking at the new Liahona on temples while waiting for their turn with President Roggia.
Elder Lowe and Elder Boateng reading the articles on the temple outloud.  Elder Boateng is hearing impaired and enjoys reading. 
We are at the Bushrod Island Chapel with a friend and child, Elders Stott, Essell, Merrill, Boye-Doh, Kotey, and Marveh. 
Elder Stott told his mother that he would always put on his sunscreen while on his mission here in Sierra Leone and Liberia. I asked him if it would be okay to share that; so, Mom, he told me that he has kept his word from day one!
Again, mail is so important to these wonderful elders.  It doesn't matter how big or long the letter is...
Elder Milton and Elder Ogoloma just coming in for President's interviews at Bushrod Island Chapel.
Sister Kimball talking with Elders Milton and Ogoloma.  All the elders love seeing Sister Kimball.  She brightens their day, brings them yummy snacks and smiles plus just about everything else.

Elder Merrill, Elder Boye-Doh, Elder Essell, and Elder Stott  heading back out in Monrovia to find the true in heart.  Each are carrying their scriptures...

Zone Leaders, Elder Intsiful and Elder Massey, at Zone Council. What fine individuals they are!  They are so concerned for the elders they are responsible for and do a great job.

President and Elder Kimball during Zone Council discussing all sorts of things.  Elder Kimball helps with the missionaries' apartments, generators, a good ear to listen and much, much more. 
Elder Kimball, Elder Jenkins, Elder Moss, Elder Okeke and Elder Afadi coming in from the heavy rain.  It was just pouring so hard on this morning that the elders had to wear their rain coats.  This picture really shows their respect and love for one another...loved it!
Once again, mail is so eagerly received.  Elder Jenkins' mail included two cute postcards---which, by the way, he treasured!
Sister Kimball and I were in the truck following Elder Kimball and President Roggia.  We just had to take this per chance picture going down the road to Bushrod Island District.  More pics to come...

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Spence and Tal England said...

Thanks so much for this blog!! I am Elder Jenkins sister and I enjoy seeing the pics of my brother and where he is at!!!