Saturday, October 16, 2010

some more recent pics...

Elders Ogama, Kotey, Adjei and Tippets reading their mail and sorting distribution items at the Bo Zone interviews last week.
Elder Hickey, President Roggia, Elder Gunderson, Elder Nyarko and Elder Hilton during Zone Council in the Bo Zone last week.  We bought rice and chicken from Sir Milton's Hotel plus some coleslaw.  I made chocolate chips cookies and  brought some juice.  Sir Milton's even provided glass plates, forks, spoons, knives and a table cloth for us....and napkins.  All for about $5 a piece.  The rice and chicken were seasoned with "pepi"...a hot pepper seasoning...too hot for me but everyone else loved it.
More snaps of missionaries waiting for President's interview in Freetown. Elder Wood, Elder Norton, Elder Kitson-Dodoo, Elder Laneri and Elder Eshun (both standing), and Elder Ditsi (sitting) and Elder Lambson looking out the window.

Elder Emanuelson, Elder Adjei on the phone, Elder Hickey looking into the baptismal font, President and Elder Gunderson talking and a member of the Messima Branch in Bo.  Elder Emanuelson and Elder Adjei were preparing for a baptism but the font (which they had filled 48 hours prior) had lost 1/2 of it's water.  We have several fonts that are outside with covers. So, what to do next?  They could carry many buckets of water from the nearby well, postpone the baptism or go over to one of the other chapels that still had water in the font.  They decided to go over to the other chapel since everything was set up there.
Our newest missionary from Nigeria, Elder Okeke.  His father is a stake president there.  Elder Okeke was transferred to Monrovia, Liberia to be trained and guided for the first few months by Elder Massey.  He was surprised to be going to Liberia but was eager to go.

Yesterday, Elder Kamara returned from Liberia to be released from his mission.  He had started his mission in 2008, had gotten sick with spinal meningitis and was able to return to his mission to finish.  So, he's been a missionary for about 28 months compared to the usual 24 months.  His home is in Grafton outside of Freetown.  We made him a nice lunch with the assistants.  President Roggia released him to go home to his family. He served the Lord faithfully, endured illness and returned with honor.

To and from Bo, we see these wonderful grass huts.  We especially liked this one because of the vines on top. At first we thought that there was flowers on the vines but only yellow leaves.  The lady was happy we took the picture...such freindly people!

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