Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Freetown Zone Conference

Sister Campbell (ward missionary, serving for a few weeks and has her mission call to Nigeria) and Sister Owusu
Sister Brown and Sister Awuoche
Elder Otaniyuwa and Elder Wuthrich, Assistants with Elder Wolfgramm
Elder Wolfgramm and Elder Esiaba, Freetown Zone Leaders
Elder Otubu and Elder Aluka
Elder Animba and Elder Richardson
Elder Richardson and Elder Etuk
Elder Egbo and Elder Rochester
Elder Serafine and Elder Nwaokonko enjoying rice crispie treats that Sister Randall made.  We can find rice crispies, marshmellow and butter in Freetown.
Elder Donkor and Elder Tawiah
Elder Gherkins and Elder Bogh enjoying dessert completely!  Tomorrow, Freetown East Zone Conference.

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