Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Flight out! Flight in!

Before getting in the van to go to the wharf... All seven missionaries leaving today did not have Malaria or Typhoid on their mission for the whole two years because they faithfully took their doxy and slept under nets.  They are our first missionaries that we received when we arrived two years ago; so, it is hard to see them go home.  But, it is as it should be... We love them all...  
On the ferry heading to the Lungi Airport
Going into the airport doors... We'll miss each one of you so much!
Ten new missionaries arriving from the Ghana MTC
We welcome you to the Best Mission in the World.  Sierra Leone Freetown Mission!  You are gonna love this!  Mothers, encourage your missionaries (that just arrived) to faithfully take their doxy and sleep under their net.  They, too, can go their entire mission without contracting Malaria or Typhoid.  
Questions and answers.... Elder Barth and Elder Appleby orientation time..
The port the ferry pulled away from...


Annette Jensen said...

I am thrilled to see that my son, Elder McDonald has made in your loving care safely. Thank you for taking these pictures and for loving our sons.

Nanna said...

As a mother of a missionary out just over a year, I can tell you that your son is in for the experience of a lifetime!