Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome, Elder and Sister Burns!

Getting ready to drive onto the ferry once the ramp drops down.... This is the ferry that the new missionaries will board when we pick them up at the airport.  
Freetown from on board the ferry heading to Lungi and to airport.
Another view...
Because the vibrations of the ferry set off our car alarm, President Roggia and I looked from the top level, and kept turning off the alarm.  Oh, well, didn't matter, it just kept going off.  There was so much noise all around anyway.
Our ferry bumped off of the one next to us as we docked...lots of scraping and banging...
Driving off the ferry
We always are amazed as everyone backs up and gets off the ferry.  It is like a ballet.
Successfully off, and now to the airport...
Elder and Sister Burns!  They are coming as a Humanitarian Senior Couple and will work on wells, water, wheel chairs and much, much more.  They served a mission in Slovakia prior to coming here.  We are happy to welcome them! 
The sail is so interesting!
This is the Kissy Ferry which our ferry bumped into and which we rode about a week ago to get home from Lungi after flying from Liberia and Ghana.  
President Roggia, Elder and Sister Burns talking about the Mission and the work and service ahead.
Silhouettes of ships along the way.
One of the rigs...
Sister Lauritzen and Sister Randall made us supper (taco soup) when we arrived about 7:30 p.m. and delicious oatmeal cookies. We feel so grateful to have such wonderful, consecrated couples serving in the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission.


Julie said...

My faith is strengthened to see that there are 4 senior couples now serving in the Sierra Leone Mission. Wow!

President and Sister Roggia said...

We are blessed with 4 Senior Couples in Sierra Leone and 2 Senior couples plus another couple arriving in September in Liberia. A grand total of 7 for the mission. We are so excited to have each one!

Norine Rogers said...

My Son, Elder Bryce Rogers, was one of the first to serve in Liberia/Sierra Leone with President Squires. (He spent 14 months in Liberia) I sit here with tears in my eyes as I look at these pictures and the amazing growth in that mission. They went through some real trials and to see what has taken place since his time serving there touches me deeply! All those missionary couples and Sisters Missionaries! Wow!!! Wonderful!!!