Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In and around the mission...

Elder Ekpo and Elder Esiaba, Freetown Zone Leaders, in their rain gear while the rain was pouring down.  Rainy season is almost over, and then, dry season will be upon us until May.
Elder Appleby holding the umbrella for Elder Barth during the downpour while  filling up water jugs through the water filter system.
Flowers pop out from the rain...
 Sheep on the road while departing the Police Stop coming back from Bo.
A mother and her children preparing to cross the highway.
Elder Appleby and Elder Barth walking down a little road where we are looking for a new missionary apartment.
While looking at the new Waterloo apartment, a group of school children gathered.  The Assistants played "don't smile" and the children were trying so hard not to laugh.   It was a lot of fun.
Still discussing an apartment in Waterloo.
Looking down a well.. That little white square in the middle is me with the camera.  This was one of the wells at an apartment that we were considering.
Elder Despain after receiving his package and trying to stuff it all in his backpack and a sack to take it to his apartment.
Elder Despain and Elder Donkor 
 Elder Hales and Elder Richards
Elder Richardson, Elder Animba, Elder Donaldson and Elder Wootton
Elder Aluka and Elder Stanford.  Tomorrow, we will be in the Freetown East Zone and President Roggia will finish interviews.  (will post from that trip hopefully tomorrow evening)

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