Friday, October 12, 2012

Beautiful Bo Takes Bus to the Ghana Accra Temple

The morning of the temple trip to the Ghana Accra Temple.  Lots and lots of sachets of water plus large yellow containers of water to be carried in the bus.
Grandmother holding her newborn grandchild.  The baby and her parents will be an eternal family after going to the temple.
Fish for the trip
Excited boys carrying water to the bus!
 Loading the bus (rented from Liberia) with luggage, water and more...and time for hugs and greetings!
This family, mother, father and children, will be sealed together. The little boy on the right turned eight years old the day the bus left.  He has permission and the privilege of being baptized in the temple baptismal font, confirmed and then sealed forever to his parents along with his siblings.
So ready and eager to board the bus...
Another family preparing for the trip.
These newlyweds were married two days ago. (civil marriage needs to be done before temple here)  They made every effort possible to  get on the bus to the temple.  He is a returned missionary and they both wanted to be married in the temple for Time and All Eternity.  Such a wonderful trip for them!
Prior to getting on the bus... this is Bo District's first temple trip in about three years.  It is a special day!
Father and family with the newborn baby.
There they go---54 Latter-day Saints! It will take them 6-7 days to arrive in Accra.  After spending three days going to the temple, they will return home. It will take another 6-7 days just to get back.  They traveled north to Guinea (two days),  across Mali, into Burkina Faso and across the border to Ghana.  The Ivory Coast border was closed.  Such a very long trip but worth every effort.  They sleep in the bus, under the bus and around the bus. They eat very little-- taking large bags of rice, fish and more. They must have yellow fever cards, passports, police clearance and a travel manifest, plus, of course, their precious temple recommend.  


Diana said...

Tears here. What a wonderful story you tell of faith and sacrifice. I am happy for these dear Saints. Thanks for all you and the President have done for them and the whole mission.

mholi mthembu said...

I'm in utter awe!! The sacrifices they must have had to make! I look forward to coming to serve these humble and God loving people.