Monday, October 1, 2012

Transfer snaps...

Saying goodbye to MTC mates as the transfer to new areas begins...
Off they go...
Watching the van leave...They spent the night with us at the Mission Home.  The next morning we drove over the mountain to their apartment in Grafton.
Elder Bogh at sunset on the Mission Home balcony. Leister Peak in the background.
Trainees meet some trainers in front of the Grafton Chapel.
Good instructions... (click picture to see better)
This is the Grafton Apartment with wet baptismal clothes hanging on the porch.
The Lauritzens and Markus took two vehicles to Bo filled with missionaries and returned to Freetown with transfers.  They stopped at this apartment first as they "caravaned" out of Freetown.  It was 7 a.m. and the two missionaries weren't ready... it is obvious by the body language that the clock was ticking.  :-)
 Okay, off to Bo!  Sleepy eyes early in the morning...
Elder Clawson coming out carrying his filtered-water bottle.  All missionaries have one to carry with them throughout the day-- every day.
Arrival in Bo at the Schlehuber's compound.
Elder Liufau is training and teaching English to another French-speaking-only elder from the Ivory Coast, Elder Lokpo.  We are so grateful for Elder Liufau and the desire he had as a young boy to learn French.  His desire to serve a French mission is absolutely realized!
Bo District Apartment...trainers and trainees
Sewa Road Apartment prior to taking four of them to Freetown. We love all the  missionaries in the mission!  What great missionaries!  They all sacrifice so much to serve the Lord for two years!
Elders in the Njaboima District
Sister Laurizen smiled as she watched the elders use this tiny plank to cross a ditch to the van.
The sister missionaries switching out.  One came in from Freetown and one went back to Freetown.
 Elder Serafine bringing out the last suitcase in the back of the truck.  Like the barbells?
Grafton District Apartment
Lovely purple leaves with dew outside the Grafton apartment...
Charcoal pots in case the propane for the stove runs out.
Elder Nwosu prepared well for his new companion, Elder Woodhead.  His apartment was spotless with closet ready with space and desks cleaned off.
We went to the Grafton Branch on Sunday. The new elders and trainers were on their way to the Kossoh Town Branch a few kilometers away.  First time! Elder McDonald (on the far right) is the only one that knows the way.

October is interview month.  President Roggia interviews each missionary in the mission as do all mission presidents this month throughout the world.  I'll snap as many as I can. (Thanks Sister Lauritzen for the pictures of the Bo trip)

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