Thursday, April 14, 2011

Freetown and Freetown East Zones Interview with President Roggia

Elder Vogl enjoying some popcorn.  The elders love to see each other as they gather for interviews.
Elders Visser, Norton, Hickey, Jenkins and Vogl in the Mission Office waiting for their time with President Roggia.
Elder Guzha, Elder Iyiewuare and Elder Tippets reaching for the popcorn.
Elders Dogbaste, Guzha, Iyiewuare and Jenkins
Elder Allred waiting to direct the van as it backs out.  After interviews, he and Elder Hickey took the missionaries back to their apartments.
Elder Beckwith and Elder Massey came in from the Freetown East Zone for interviews.
Elder Smoot and Elder Jenkins
Missionaries watching "On the Lord's Errand".  A biography of President Thomas S. Monson.

 Elder Egbo, Elder Appleby, Elder Tims and Elder Buckman looking at the map of new areas.
Elder Lowe, Elder Emanuelson, and Elder Beckwith still waiting for the interview with President Roggia.
 President Roggia talking to the elders as they leave.
One more snap as they go...
Bye dear missionaries...back to Freetown East Zone.  It takes about an hour or more to get them home.

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