Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Kenema...

 We started a home group in North Kenema.  Elder Hilton organized and conducted the Sacrament Service. We expected around 40 people; but 122 arrived.  80 were not members of the Church.  It was just a wonderful time.   It will become a branch soon.
Elder Hilton and Elder Iheanacho made sure every detail was taken care of including Primary for the children. Sister Foday took care of Primary for the North Kenema Group.  She had them all singing "I Am A Child of God" and teaching the gospel.  We ran out of chairs for everyone.  What a great problem! Some of the children used the trees to sit.
President Roggia discussing the branches' growth with the Bo District President while in Kenema. 
Elder Iheanacho, Elder Hilton, Elder Laneri, and Elder Obinna in their Kenema apartment.  Elder Mazani and Elder Tade live there also.
Nope, not a snow storm! Bugs a plenty!  The two red dots in the midde of the picture are a car's tail lights.  We were coming from Kenema where there was a huge down pour of rain.  We thought "so glad to get the truck washed off".  Then we ran into the bugs half way to Freetown.  We couldn't turn the wipers on because it would just smear.  We waited a little until we could find a lit area to stop and clean it off.  It was like a blizzard of snow but with bugs!

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