Friday, May 6, 2011

Monrovia continued...

Elder Milton, Elder Priddis, Elder Lambson and Elder Marveh. We met up with them early one morning before they left their apartment: hence, the flipflops.

Our Monrovia Zone Leaders: Elder Amoa-Ohenakwah and Elder Intsiful.  Sister Kimball and I were going from district to district that morning.  We were catching everyone in bare feet.

Monrovia Zone map
Elder Priddis moving furniture out of the old apartment.
Elder Lambson doing his part...
At the Caldwell Apartment...

Congo Town and Matadi new apartment that Elders Priddis, Lambson, Marveh and Milton will live.  We all use our nets, take our doxy every day and use fans (when there is electricity) to keep malaria at a standstill.

Elder Lambson's desk in the new apartment.  All four desks are lined up against the wall for study time.
Finishing packing....Elder Kimball and Elder Lambson
Elder Pabie and Elder Ellsworth in the Logan Town Apartment
Elders Ogama, Njaga, Chikwendu, Essel, Okeke and Stott in the Paynesville Apartment prior to companionship study.

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