Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scenes around the mission

Big caterpillars ...the orange one is the oldest and is getting ready to die.  We were also told that they are not good to eat.
My favorite little yellow birds who sit on my kitchen window every day and chat with each other, fluff up their feathers and rub beaks.  One of my most enjoyable things to see ....
As we drove down to the mission office, this praying mantis held on for about 15 minutes, then took the opportunity to crawl to the top of the car and out of sight.
One of the missionaries took this pretty picture...We see so many lovely sunrises and sunsets both in Sierra Leone and Liberia.
 We see sheep and goats all the time.
 I continually marvel at what gets carried on top of motorbikes.
Yes, we have lots of mangoes, bananas, cucumber, tomato, onion, avocado, pineapple, potato, peppers, papaya, apples, oranges, limes, lemons, cabbage, garlic and more.  Vegetables and fruits are fairly cheap.  You can get four bananas for about 50cents. 
Next week we receive 19 new missionaries and send three home.  We will post as many pictures as we can before we go on the border transfer Friday.

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