Saturday, September 3, 2011

Recent events and travels to Liberia

Last Friday, we had seven missionaries go to the Missionary Training Center in Ghana.  It was a special occasion for their families and friends who came to see them set apart and say good-bye while they serve for two years and 18 months for sisters.  All were going to the Nigeria Enugu Mission except for one who went to the Ghana Accra Mission.  Elder and Sister Neves took them in the van on the ferry.  Then, they drove them to the doors of the airport.  All had never flown before....that is an act of faith in and of itself.
Elder Priddis and Elder Intsiful, our Assistants, (standing) giving the new missionaries going to the Ghana MTC some orientation about missionary work.  They take about an hour to talk about the mission handbook and help them set up their LDS mail email account.

We put together a sandwich, drink and snack for them as they had a few hours wait at the airport.
Arriving in Bo for some meetings and spending the night at the Imperial Hotel... We met up with Markus and our office elders who were preparing an apartment for the new sister missionaries that come September 13th.  They were taking new beds and fans to the apartment.
Elder Barth, Elder Stott, Elder Priddis and Elder Intsiful in Bo.
Rice paddies along the jungle road to Liberia.  It was pouring rain and everything was so green.
This is a little sampling of the roads.
The next morning after arriving in Monrovia, Liberia, we visited each missionary apartment on their preparation day.  Each apartment who had a trainer received a small DVD player for "how to teach" training. It works on 120/240 voltage. This is the Matadi apartment.
Elder Ellsworth enjoying mail from home. I liked the red flip flops...
 Logan Town apartment
Elder Lambson showing his belt and the hole that he is now using.
Caldwell Apartment (Elder Kirkham in the background)
Sister Kirkham at the Sisters Apartment (old Paynesville Apartment)...Sisters Jibba and Monsaray will be training the two new sisters who come on the 13th.  There is plenty of room in their apartment for the four of them.
Paynesville Apartment
Elder Mazani's bed and net....very clean!
Elder Kotey and Elder Otaniyuwa with President Roggia
Wow, a really clean kitchen in the Gardnersville Apartment!
Pretty flowers in the Sisters compound.
Monrovia Zone Conference
"son, father, grandfather"....Elder Raymond who was trained by Elder Lambson who was trained by Elder Intsiful
Elder Taylor and Elder Tims after serving everyone finally getting the last little bit of rice and chicken.  (Plate looks pretty full though, don't you think?)
Elders Njaga, Milton, Kotey, Marveh and Boateng
After zone conference...
Roads coming back were much dryer and it was so pretty driving along---even with all the bumps and roughness.
 Elder Priddis, Elder Nyaku, Elder Allred and Elder Intsiful when we stopped in Bo for a few minutes.  We drove 13 hours to get back to Freetown.
These little boys have the neatest "moto cars".  We see these quite often.  I like the creativity in making your own toys.

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