Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Training in Liberia and Bo

Sister Kirkham found these wonderful fruits and veggies at Harbels in Monrovia.  Harbels is a store that resembles a Walmart sorta... (the only one that does) The celery was about $9 and the first time we'd seen it so fresh!  The other veggies can be bought along street vendors and just about anywhere in Liberia and Sierra Leone.  Fruits and vegetables can be purchased at a reasonable cost in both countries---except for celery!
Following a couple of trucks on the jungle road from Kenema to Liberia...
We attended the first meeting of the Matadi Branch in a new renovated building.
Elder Okeke playing and Elder Esiaba looking on.  Both can play the keyboard beautifully; so, either one can conduct or play during Matadi Branch Sacrament Meeting.
Bushrod Island Zone training for leaders, trainers and new missionaries learning more about the Twelve Infield Lessons and how to be a Preach My Gospel Missionary.
Elder Taylor and Elder Raymond enjoying rice, casava leaf, crayfish, and chicken on rice....very spicy sauce!
Eating lunch after the meeting....then on to the next zone.
Elder Tims taking a picture of Elder Intsiful...
This is a filling station...see the large bottles on the right.  There are nice gas stations but this is a little one on the side of the road.
Monrovia Zone leadership training and enjoying some dinner. More to come.

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