Thursday, July 14, 2011

Around Freetown and to Bo.

Yes, a horse!  The first one we've seen here.  The big pipe in the front of the horse is a main water line.
A centipede for the grandchildren to see!
Leaping lizards!
Freetown as we drive up to the Mission Home.  You can see the soccer stadium.  It is used for many things besides soccer.
 Love the early morning drives to Bo!  This is about 7:00 a.m.
This load is amazing!  It covered the whole vehicle! It was bigger than the van.


A mother hen and her chicks teaching them how to scratch and peck for bugs. They follow her example just like us as parents and leaders.  The video is bouncy because Sister Kimball is showing me how her son can mimic a chicken scratching and I was enjoying her demonstration.  lol

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Melanie said...

I was showing Rome the centipede and talking about it and he said, "WHOA! Thas a worsey!" (horsey) hahaha guess he liked the horse pic above better!