Friday, July 15, 2011

Bo Zone Interviews Last Week

Bo Zone waiting for interviews and watching the new Joseph Smith movie that our son downloaded for us and put on a DVD.
 Elder Ditsi was so focused on this letter and smiling so big...
Then he saw the camera flash!
 Elder Vaughan and Elder Kenner loving the contents of their letters!
Elder Bennion(with the biggest smile) enjoying his companion, a branch missionary, who just received his call to the Enugu Nigeria Mission!

 More very serious mail moments... A pin could drop on a carpet and we'd hear it!
 Elder Barth and Elder Stott
Packages arrived!
 Trainer Elder Priddis who trained Elder Vaughan who is training Elder Esiaba!
 Missionaries wanting to have a good-bye picture with Elder Smoot before he leaves in 17 days.  What great elders!
Elder Bennion and Elder Merrill....(got a little red eye there, sorry about that) They both have very blue eyes.
 Elder Nyaku and Elder Hilton
Still reading mail and smiling...

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