Thursday, July 28, 2011

Liberia Pioneers Laying a Foundation of a Great Work!

On July 24, 2011, four new branches(congregations) were created in the Bushrod Island District and one new branch in the Monrovia District for a total of 18 branches in Monrovia. What a wonderful way to celebrate Pioneer Day! 

 Brewersville Branch was created from the Duala Branch.  Caldwell New Georgia and Upper Caldwell were created from the Caldwell Branch.   Doe Community Branch was created from the Logan Town Branch.  New Georgia Branch was created from the Gardnersville Branch. 

 Below are some members from the branches. (We are gathering more pictures of the other branches)  As photos were taken, the Saints spontaneously burst out in song singing hymns.  There were hugs, holding hands, joyful conversation and lots of smiles on this special day.

 Caldwell New Georgia Branch
Upper Caldwell Branch
Caldwell Branch
President Roggia with District President and new branch presidents.
Duala Branch
Brewersville Branch
Happy Pioneer Day!

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