Friday, November 26, 2010

Three T's: Transfers, Traveling and Thanksgiving

Elder Laneri and Elder Adjei--Freetown Zone Leaders.  Elder Adjei transfered from Bo Zone. Notice Elder Laneri's fan...common sight for our elders to keep the heat off.

Today, we had three elders and a sister on their way to the Ghana MTC for three weeks, then to Nigeria to serve.  President Roggia set them apart, we gave them a sack lunch and the assistants drove them to the water taxi.  None of them had been on the water taxi or an airplane or out of Sierra Leone.  Elders Bangura, Kallon, Sivalie and Sister Kamara were excited to go.

The families of the new missionaries came to see them off.  One little sister didn't want to get in the group "snap".
She was so cute we had to take one of her looking at him leaving.
Elder Williams and Elder Johnson returning from Nigerian missions after faithfully serving for two years.  The assistants picked them up; and changed to the van to drive the new missionaries to the wharf.  Busy day for them.
No, not going home. Elder Hickey and Elder Grabau are carrying the returned Sierra Leone missionaries' (who returned from Nigeria) luggage--before taking out all the luggage for the new missionaries at the wharf....they had lots of exercise today!
Our Thanksgiving Dinner at the Mission Home.  L to R: Sister and Elder Neves, Elder Grabau, Elder Hickey, Sister and Elder Patterson.  Our turkey came from Liberia and was actually imported from France through a German company...  Sis. Patterson did the turkey, stuffing and gravy; Sister Neves did the mashed potatoes, olives and rolls; I made the pumpkin pie, french green beans and almonds, cranberry sauce and pickles.( I thought of you, Mom, as I made the crust. All the years of watching you make your yummy pies helps.)  We had a blessed and wonderful dinner together.  We did the dishes and then phone calls started coming.  Ah-h, it was a nice moment to be grateful for all we have---now back to the Lord's work. President and I headed off to the wharf to pick up the Public Affairs senior couple from Accra, Ghana.  We had one of the new sister missionaries going to Nigeria for the night...busy...and loving it.

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lovshinmom said...

That's interesting to hear about the route your turkey took.
I love showing the children this blog.