Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just a few more pictures,

Prior to the Monrovia Zone Conference, everyone loves to visit.
Elder Lowe in the Monrovia Zone practicing his balancing skills.
Elder Smoot in the Bo Zone also practicing his balancing skills.  All the missionaries have to try it.  One was practicing with his scriptures on his head while heading uphill into his apartment.  He did pretty well.
Packages are starting to come in for Christmas. Yay!  Remember to keep the quality of the contents of low cost.  It delays delivery because it has to clear customs and costs the mission a lot of money to get it out.  They are so excited to get them.  This is Elder Stott in Monrovia Zone grateful for his box.
Elders Boateng, Ndlouvo, Milton, Kotey and Essell getting ready to head back to their areas.
Our newest elder, Elder Okeke from Nigeria (came in October) and Elder Essel from Ghana...on his mission a little longer than Elder Okeke.  Next week, we will be receiving Elder Vaughan.  He has been in the Ghana Missionary Training Center since early November.  Elder Gunderson will be going home after two years of faithful service as Elder Vaughan comes in.  They may pass by each other in the Freetown Airport.

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