Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Freetown Zone Conference and new missionaries serving

Lunch during Freetown Zone Conference on last Wednesday. 
Another angle...
 And from another angle... We did haircuts afterward, also.  Most just want a #2 clip all over.  Short for hot weather and sweating.
During Zone Conference question and answer time...

One of my favorite pictures of Elder and Sister Neves.  They do so much every day--all day--teaching and helping everyone.  Where do they get their energy?

Elder and Sister Patterson and President watching the assistants drive away in the van with several missionaries. 
Friday, President set apart two missionaries, Elder Momodu and Elder Stevens. They are heading to the Nigeria Lagos Mission--after a three week stay at the Missionary Training Center in Accra, Ghana.  Neither had been on an airplane before.  We were glad that they had each other for support for a three-hour flight. 

 Since we came in July to this December 31st, we will have sent out 25 full-time missionaries from Sierra Leone and Liberia.  Most go to Ghana, Nigeria or South Africa.  During that time, we have received into our mission 14 full-time missionaries from America and West Africa.
For those of you who keep asking what a menu might look like... We tried this restaurant one day.  It doesn't look like a place to eat from the outside but is quite cozy inside.  We enjoyed the "Italian music" that was playing in the background.  It is called the "Caribbean Fusion Restaurant". (one of Elder Gunderson's favorite places to eat.) Notice the Escoveitched Fish on the menu.  Escoveitch---comes from escabeche, Spanish for pickled.  All the food on the menu was very spicy.  I was very glad for the assistants, who finished off my hot rice...wasn't hot for them but was for me.  Leones are 4000 to $1.00.  For instance, the Whole Jerk Fish cost $5 or Le 20,000.

We go to Bo Zone and Monrovia, Liberia Zone next week...

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